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What is a Bakugan? How to Play Bakugan? Where Can I Buy Bakugan Series 2?


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If your kid ask: I want a “Bakugan Preyas Translucent Aquos", will you answer:

  • a what?
  • is it alive?
  • Of course? How much G Power do you want?

Maybe I can help you a little with this subject.

What is a Bakugan?

Bakugan is a card game that is played with magnetic morphing marble. It was developed by Sega Toys and Spin Master. It is a TCG (Trading Card Game) game? It's a little bit different because Bakugan Pack also includes miniatures and marbles. However the cards themselves are still collectible and have some rarity, so by definition, the game is considered a TCG.

The game is based on a television show. The Bakugan Battle Brawler are the group of kids who play the game of Bakugan. The Bakugan toys work on the same principle as the television show. Each marble have a character (Preyas, Juggernoid, Hynoid, Seige, etc), an attribute (Aquos, Darkus, Haos, Pyrus, Subettra, Ventus, etc), a color and a G Power (250G to 450G). You can have a lot of combination with all these specifications. Recently, they release Bakugan Series 2. In this release, a bunch of new characters for more exciting battle.

How to play Bakugan?

  • Put one game card face down in the center of the battle arena. Players take turns shooting Bakugan Battle Brawlers. The youngest player going first, from two card lengths away. Players shoot until any two opponents Bakugan stand on the card, meaning magnetically fasten and open, and battle.
  • To battle: Compare the “G Power" of the battling Bakugan (it's showed on the sphere). Flip the card over and each player adds or subtracts the G Power Boost shown on the card. For example, 350 G Power plus 150 G Power Boost equals 500 total G Power.
  • The player with the highest G Power wins the battle, capturing the card and the defeated Bakugan. The winner shoots next.
  • Players battle until all the cards are captured. Each player then counts the total Holo Sector Points, or HSP, of his captured cards (HSP are marked on each card) and adds 100 HSP for each captured and not played Bakugan, plus for spheres that missed cards when they were shots but opened. The player with the most HSP wins.
  • If you stand two of your Bakugan on a card, you automatically capture that card. If players tie in a battle, each player keeps his Bakugan and the card is removed from play. You cannot shoot captured Bakugan.

Where to buy Bakugan?

Ebay is a good place to get some Bakugan Pack at cheap price. However, I will recommend something else: On this site, all the Ebay auction is categorized on pre-defined category: character, attribute, G Power and packaging. A great way to find what you want, at cheap price. Check out the new Bakugan Series 2 section.


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