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Make Money Sharing Video Games!

Kevin D Browne

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In the old days, if you wanted to make money sharing video games you probably were loaning your buddies your games physically and charging them for the right to play YOUR games.

Boy have we come a long way from that point!

Now if you really want to make money sharing video games you simply have to reach out and point people to a URL. They get to try for FREE and you get to make money if that person is so enthralled by the game that they upgrade to “paying player. "

And it is happening with lightning speed each and every day now.

The ability for the smaller internet marketer to tap into the staggering love of online multiplayer gaming has NEVER been available until now. Until now, the only ones able to really monetize from the online craze (was a $2.2 billion dollar industry in 1999 and is about to become a $55.5 billion dollar industry in 2009) were the gaming companies themselves.

And that made perfect sense. Who besides them was shelling out all that money for all those millions of hours it took to make the games?

Now to make money from sharing video games the general public stands to make some very substantial money, and it has not gone unnoticed! People, not just gamers, are rushing in to get their hands on all those delicious dollars.

But there's even better news if you can believe it.

The industry STILL hasn't even released the biggest online multiplayer sports game in the world yet!!!

Online multiplayer soccer, where people in France strap in for a nice round against their rivals literally in Brazil, where rowdies in Scotland take on kids from Atlanta, where the Tokyo 12 literally take on the nuns and the monks from Greenland. . . ALL ONLINE. . . ALL LIVE. . . hits the stands in early 2009.

Think of all the money changing hands as all that excitement rolls out.

Because it is about to roll out!

I have only one thing to say to that. . .

If you are dead serious about wanting to make money sharing video games, you need to get into this now, before all of this soccer hysteria hits.

And if those 12 in Tokyo don't take it easy on the nuns and the monks, someone's going to have some serious explaining to do!

Learn more about this AMAZING way to make money sharing video games .

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