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Top 10 Reasons to Make Homemade Wine

Mike Carraway

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Making your own wine at home has become a popular hobby and there are a lot of reasons people try it. Some like to experiment, some like to test their skills and others just like to do it because it's CHEAP!

Here, in famous David Letterman style, are the top 10 reasons that people make wine at home:

10) Showing off something you have made to your friends. And here's the cool thing - if your batch is really good, you can bottle it, put on a label, and then just sneak it in with a few store bought bottles and see what the reaction is. Fun!

9) Experimentation. Somepeople just like to try new things. Believe it or not, there are recipes all over the internet on making Jalepeno wine, cactus wine, carrot wine, and many other unthinkable things.

8) It's Cheap! Yes it is. In fact, there are even ways to make wine at home practically free. Most methods, however will cost you a whopping $1 per bottle. Talk about saving some money.

7) “I like to cook". I hear this one a lot. While making wine is not exactly “cooking", it does have a lot of similar characteristics like recipes, additives, aging times, etc.

6) “I have all this fruit and don't know what to do with it. " A lot of people have a lot of fruit trees or grape vines on their property. Instead of letting all that goodness go to waste every year, they want to make something with it that will last in a container. Why not make wine with it?

5) “I have all these empty wine bottles". Yep, this is actually one of the reasons I started making my own wine. Why let all those wine bottles go to waste? Now I put something in them and reuse them! (they still seem to be empty all the time for some reason)

4) “I like to decorate the bottles" - this includes making wine labels, stamping corks, and putting on capsules. Some people have an artistic flair and just enjoy “putting the bottle together". Winemaking allows you to make the entire thing your own.

3) To get Flavors that don't exist anywhere else. This is very close to the number 2 reason. If you make your own wine, you can experiment, get the flavors exactly how you like them, and then reproduce the recipe over and over.

2) A Challenge. This is almost, but not quite #1. Winemaking is easy but it has more and more levels you can take the process to. People that like a challenge tend to gravitate to this hobby. You can start off simple and then get more and more complex as time goes on and your knowledge increase.

AND the #1 Reason people like to make homemade wine is. . . . .

1) To Drink It. . . Yee haaa! Imagine that.

Happy Winemaking!

You can get a free book on How to Make Wine by clicking that link or theres even an entire online winemaking library and winemaking course .


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Making Homemade Wine Can Be A Craft
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