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California wine clubs are perfect for both wine connoisseurs and novices. Membership to these clubs entitles you to a selection of dinner wines that fall under six specific classes.

First is the Apertif, more popularly known as appetizer wines. These include dry sherry and other flavored wines that should be consumed prior to taking a meal. Second are the red dinner wines that are normally dry and go well with main-course dishes such as spaghetti, red meat and other food with many seasonings. These wines should be served cold to bring out their taste. Some of the more famous red dinner wines are the claret, burgundy, cabernet and chianti. Pink dinner wines or rose wines are a special type of red wine that goes well with any type of dish but are best with cold meats, curries and pork.

White dinner wines are usually either sweet or very dry. These wines should be taken chilled and are best with white meats and seafood. Examples of this type are Rhine wines, Chablis and wines made from various grape varieties such as Chardonnay and White Riesling. Sparkling wines are normally served with any course and meal. They are a popular choice during weddings, formal dinners and banquets. The most popular types of this wine variety are champagne and sparkling Burgundy.

Table wines are not bubbly, although some have slight carbonation. They have an alcohol content of more than fourteen percent alcohol. Desert wines range from medium-sweet to sweet and are sometimes served with desserts. Among these are the port wine, sweet sherry, muscatel, Tokay and Botritis. Lastly, cooking wines typically contain a significant amount of salt. They are not palatable and, as the name suggest, are intended for cooking purposes only.

If you become a member of any of the California wine clubs, you will receive a regular ration of all these wine essentials. You will receive only high-quality wines, because California wine clubs have resident experts who choose for you.

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