Hosting A Wine Tasting Party With True Celebration And Success

Gail Leino

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You’ve heard of them, but you’ve never thought about having a wine tasting party of your own. Then again, maybe you have thought about it, but changed your mind because you were afraid that everyone would come just to taste all the wines and go home a little on the inebriated side. You can remove those thoughts from your mind because the purpose of a wine tasting party is to do just that: taste it!

Your wine tasting party can consist of red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, or a combination of all three. You can serve unsalted bread or crackers with water in order for your guests to cleanse the taste of the wine before tasting another. You may also choose some light appetizers that will complement your personal wine theme. Spice it up a little if you like with a little light humor. It is a party, after all, and does not need to be stuffy just because the theme is wine tasting rather than just fun and games.

For your wine tasting experience, you do not want to drink the wine as you would if you were seated at the dinner table with a nice meal. For wine tasting, you want to first take the glass and hold it up to the light or against a white background. It should be clear with a brilliant color. While holding the stem of the glass and keeping the base on the table, gently swirl the wine in the glass. Doing this allows the wine to mix with the surrounding air, which releases it aroma into the air. While you inhale deeply, take in the fragrance of the wine. In most cases, a wine that smells good will taste good. To taste it, you want to sip it and roll it in your mouth to savor all of the flavors, while taking the time to pick the very essence of its aroma, flavor, and delicacies. Make note of every little thing including whether it tastes fruity, bitter, sour, or some other combination. Your host or hostess should have little booklets for you to write down information about each wine that you taste.

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6 Themes to Plan a Wine Tasting Party Around
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