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Top Tea Tips for Rookie Tea Drinkers

Uday Patel

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Brewing is a very important matter for the Rookie tea drinkers. Do you want to know how you can make a perfect cup? Well, do give this post a read!
Easy Steps to Make a Perfect Cup of Tea

• Take a kettle or a little pot and add water to heat. Make sure you take bottled water or filtered water for this process. Never use tap water for this or it will spoils the taste.
• Take a teapot and add a cup of hot water. Preheat the teapot carefully. Many experts believe that it can bring out aroma and flavor.
• In the next step, you have to put some loose leaves in the teapot make sure that the loose leaves cover the bottom entirely, just likes any thin carpet. But, be careful, if you are preparing Gunpowder or Oolong, as the size of both the type of the leaves will double in size, so add these in little quantity.
• Instead of loose leaves, you can also use teabags. The process is same in both the cases. Add teabags in a teapot and then pour hot water. And if you want to skip the use of teapot, add teabag in preheated water. An ideal ratio is 2 teabags per cup of water.
• Now, it’s the time to pour hot water. Add and allow the leaves to steep for 3 to 4 minutes. Simultaneously, preheat your mug or cup with hot water.
• If you like to add milk add it. Remember, put milk into the mug before brewed tea, otherwise it results in curding.
• When you tea is ready, shake the teapot gently so that tea leaves will settle before you pour into tea mug.
• Your brew is ready! Add some spices or sweeteners, if you want.
• Slowly sip and enjoy a hot cup!

Tea and Teeth

Do you know how tea is good and also bad for your teeth? I am pretty sure, no! So, lets us discuss how a hot cup is healthier and dangerous for your teeth. And how you can protect them?

As we know, there is a chemical called fluoride which is present in a very large quantity. It strengthens tooth enamel and also protects teeth from plaque. So, this is about the good point. Now, what about bad point? How it affects teeth? Well, tea is responsible for teeth staining. An astringent compound called tannins might results in the stain.
Now, you are thinking are all the tea drinkers doomed to carry a fade yellowish smile? No. for shinny and white smile, there is no need to quit tea. Follow these simple tips:
• Go for tea that contains less tannin. Go for white or green instead of black tea.
• Use straw, if possible. It minimizes tannin affect.
• Rinse your mouth several times a day.
• Go for iced instead of hot tea.

Uday blogs often on various kinds of teas hence the article. He likes to read and write about hot beverages popular through out the World. Uday loves to write about many things.

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