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Here’s the story of Tea at Sea

Uday Patel

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The much celebrated Marilyn Monroe once said that World Peace could be achieved if “politicians drank tea at meetings”! Tea lovers would agree that this brew has the charm to relax you even in the most stressful situations and then you have nothing to be angry about anymore! Those who are not that into this brew should give the best leafs a chance. The world’s tea drinkers drink an average of 6lb every year or in U. S. About 2.5 million tons is consumed by the World every year!

The history behind the popularity

We don’t know how tea was invented and who the first drinker was. It probably was an accidental discovery and the person who drank the first cup of some good-smelling leaves in warm water was probably an ordinary person just like us but we are grateful that this herb was discovered at all!

The beverage came to popularity around the 17th Century in Britain. However, initially though widely known, it was the luxury of the aristocracy. Around this time tea was cultivated only in China and the secret was kept sealed by the then Chinese Emperors so Japan, America, Europe and India had to import the leaves at high prices.

The Dutch and The British East India Companies had a kind of patent on the marketing of the leaves like China had the patent of producing it. Despite the fact that tea could not be produced anywhere except China, the demand for it was rising sky high in America and Europe. Ships were specially allotted to import tea from China. Hence, it was an affair of the high classes who had the privilege to spend money on the import of an expensive herb for a cup of exotic beverage.

The Cutty Sark was one such ship that was known for its exclusive use to bring in tea. However, during the 19th Century the likes of Cutty Sark were replaced with faster ships that lowered the cost of import and could carry larger amounts of leaves. The Oriental carried them from Canton to London fifteen days faster than the Cutty Sark in 1834.

If you have been wondering about the Boston Tea Party all this while, that historical event became historical because it was stacks of tea and not any other import that was dumped into the sea. So this December 1773 event that sparked off the war of independence between the then America and Britain was all apparently due to this aromatic leaf!

It is indeed sad that tea does not have the power to make people kind and grant the fundamental rights of freedom without needing a war. But at least today, we can sit back and enjoy a cup in harmony with fellow Americans, Indians, Europeans, Australians and Africans on land, in the air or at sea.

This article has been written to create awareness of hot tea beverage amongst connoiseurs. Uday often writes about ecommerce websites popular in India hence the article.


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