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Hibiscus tea, the cholesterol and natural hypertension controller

Uday Patel

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Tea is one of the most popular beverages in many countries. In various kinds of teas, herbal infusion is considered to be the best for health. Nowadays, hibiscus is being advised by doctors to people for maintenance of health. Hibiscus is an excellent herb which grows in tropical regions all over the world.

The main thing to work behind popularity of this herb is pleasing flavor and easy availability. That’s why, people in Middle Eastern, North African and European countries enjoy drinking hibiscus tea daily. Its ultimate flavor and beautiful appearance makes it eligible to become the state flower of Hawaii.

Benefits of hibiscus as additive

Dry leaves of hibiscus are used for preparation of herbal infusion. Hibiscus tea is good for maintaining the case of low and mild hypertension. Apart from working well to maintain the blood pressure, this kind of herbal mix is also useful for cardiac health as it possesses anti cholesterol properties. It works as a natural antioxidant and slows down the process of ageing.

There are some useful alakanoids in this kind of beverage such as anthocyanins and quercetin that effectively decrease the blood pressure. Many scientific studies are there to show that herbal infusion consisting hibiscus is good for cardiovascular activities. The chemicals present in the herbal beverage wonderfully open the arteries and slow down the release of hormones for constriction of blood vessels.

Studies to support the hypothesis

According to the study that took place in 2007, all the participants of the research programs are offered 250 mg hibiscus
extract were tested for maintenance of healthy status. Moreover, researches proved at the time that hibiscus powder is good for lowering the blood pressure. Journal of Nutrition in 2010 reported that hibiscus possesses antihypertensive propertieswhich is good for the health of patients. Systolic pressure levels after consumption of the hibiscus extract showed the biggest change. Earlier than this research; some tests were done to figure out that hibiscus extract is efficient enough to normalize cholesterol levels. 1000 mg per day is the most efficient dose to be taken thrice a day for good health.

Ultimately, scientists found out that the hibiscus is something that can maintain HDL, LDL and cholesterol at the required level in the body for keeping it fit and healthy.

What more to be done with herbal tea?

Apart from hibiscus, some other herbs are there to become the first choice of people such as lemongrass, mint, ginger etc. These natural herbs are loved by people for their distinct flavor and ultimate properties to offer health benefits. The
best property to know about green teas is that they never impart any harmful effect on your body even if taken in excess.

Uday writes often on tea with spices like ginger and hibiscus. He writes about various herbs that benefit humanhealth.


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