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How can tea help you to stay healthy?

Uday Patel

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From time immemorial, tea is the drink of the kings. It is soft, sober, exhilarating, and filled with energy. All of those qualities symbolize it to be the drink of the kings. However, is it the only symbol giving it such a unique place? There are mythical stories about this hot beverage being used to do great miracles.

The use of tea as life saving medicine is also well known. But when we connect such words they make it more than just an energy drink, We need proof of what makes tea so delicious and health concerning at the same time. So let us look at some of those reasons, which are based on undeniable scientific facts.

Unlike any other energy drink, the brew does not contain caffeine. Caffeine even if, it is a great stimulant for the body, has only instantaneous effects but in the long run harms our body. So a drink which does the same functions but without the bad part is always the best. The brew is also seen to act as stress reliever. Talking of the heart, where as other energy drinks make our heart weak, tea makes it strong. It cleans our blood vessels from the toxic chemicals deposited over time. In addition, make them new and well working.

From the diet point of view, the leaf has no fat, carbohydrate, protein or any other nutrient, which may stress our digestive system. It thus helps in proper cleaning and flushing of the digestive system. That is one of the primary reasons, why tea is prepared early morning. The beverage helps in maintaining a good blood pressure and helps you controls your high-pressure related problems. Polyphenols in green leaf helps in controlling digestive inflammation and keep the digestive track healthy. It has been found that the leaf contains anti-Alzheimer’s chemicals; hence, it saves us from such diseases, which attack our body and mind with age.

Tea is also found to reduce cholesterol levels by significant amount. The most recent studies shows it being a great cleansing drink for our system, keep the kidney clean too. Thus, this helps us stay away from kidney stone, which has become one of the most dangerous problems in today’s world. Apart from all these it is also the best and the easily made energy drink.

Health benefits are a lot and counting them one by one does not make any sense. However, the mantra to experience actually them is to try it steadily for long. Tea being a very light drink can only benefit you when you have it regularly. Having excessive in one day can also be bad. So be patient, and have it regularly.

Uday writes often on green tea leaf hence the article. He also writes on Darjeeling tea leaf available in India. Uday writes often on hot beverages sold all over the World.


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