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Pu-erh Tea - Perfect Herbal Tea for Losing Weight


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When it comes to drinking herbal tea, most people know about the green tea and other kinds of tea such as white and oolong tea. However, many people are not aware that there is a herbal tea called pu-erh tea which has more health benefits than all the other herbal tea. It is pronounced as pu-err and in some regions te tea is known as tuocha tea.

The pu-erh tea has manifold health benefits. However, the tea is well-known for losing weight. The tea has been quite a popular beverage in China since the past 2000 years. The tea can effectively help in reducing cholesterol, lowering hypertension, getting rid of free radicals from the body and keep your heart healthy. Many researchers have concluded the tea is very beverage for weight reduction.

A research conducted at the French ARMA Medical Research Foundation showed that among 350 people who participated in an experiment to see how effectively the tea helps in shedding pounds, 299 were able to achieve weight loss by drinking the tea besides following a healthy diet. Each participant was able to shed around 5 to 10 pounds in a span of two months.

The pu-erh reduces the dampness present in the spleen and stomach. If the spleen is in healthy condition, it can absorb essential nutrients from the food at a faster pace and at the same time get rid excess bodily fluids. On the other hand, if the spleen is not in healthy condition, it will start accumulating bodily fluid which will then metamorphose into fat. Spleen can become weak if a person has habituated to eating refined flours and processed food. This ultimately makes the person gain more weight.

The pu-erh tea does well in reducing and eliminating the dampness in the spleen and stomach and facilitates weight loss. It works by activating the metabolism system of the body which eventually burns all the unnecessary fats from the body.

The pu-erh tea is derived from the tea plants that grow in the wild at the Yunnan province which lies in the southwest China. The broad tea leaves automatically undergo fermentation because of the favorable climatic conditions in the region. Some tea growers make the tea leaves undergo fermentation in the indoors. It takes several years for the tea to age and then the tea is kept for drying and finally compressed into bricks. The bricks are then stored in dark area away from the reach of sunlight.

The natural flavor of the tea will truly rejuvenate your senses and appears rich in color. Since it is a great source of antioxidants, you can consider it as a great alternate for your daily coffee. You can get the tea from local grocery stores or if you can find it there, you can simply place an order for it online.

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