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What is organic tea that we drink?

Uday Patel

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In recent years organic tea has become very popular. Waghbakri Tea, Numi, Organic India, Rishi and Choice Organic Teas are some well known brands in India. Some mainstream tea producers have also started producing organic tea.

Benefits of organic tea:

Following are the main benefits of buying organic tea:

1) Absence of toxic chemicals: Some people might not know that tea plants is cultivated using toxic chemicals like pesticides. The tea that is grown in countries like India and China where there are less environmental standards. This standard is less than the that followed in the USA and countries of the European Union. When pesticides are used carelessly then these chemicals pollute the plant and create health risks for tea drinkers. Green tea is a popular variety, it prevents cancer however it is produced by using chemicals. As a result users of this brew are also exposed to health risks due to the presence of toxins in it. Organic tea is grown without using toxic fertilizers and toxic pesticides. Natural manure is used for the cultivation of organic tea.

2) No fear of GMO: Today organic tea has started replacing tea that is grown by using toxic fertilizers. Risks like the use of GMO and chemical fertilizers are the main driving forces that inspire producers to grow cultivate by using organic methods. The process of producing organic tea does not involve using of chemicals. It also does not involve using of synthetic hormones that are added to enhance the strength of crops.

3) Weight loss benefits: Organic green tea has been considered to be the best alternative to burning fat and promoting weight loss. Organic green leaf consists of herbal extracts like gin sing, basil, mint, ginger, lime and many others. This tea helps the body to remain in perfect shape.

4) Improves mental clarity: Organic tea improves mental clarity. It helps in enhancement of concentration. Some doctors have claimed that drinking this brew also helps in the improvement of memory.

5) Strengthening of the immune system: Organic tea is said to improve the immune system in the human body. It is the immune system that protects the body from external attack of diseases. By drinking this brew for a couple of months one can enhance the strength of his immune system.

6) Easy in preparation: Standard packets of organic tea are very easy to prepare. One packet contains leaf that can make 60 cups of hot brew. This provides buyers with the real worth for their money that is being spent. Organic tea is also very easy in preparation. Just pour clean boiled water in a pot. When the temperature of the boilong water reaches 80 degrees then add the organic leaf and sugar to it. A golden brown color solution will appear in the tea pot within a couple of minutes.

Uday writes often on types of tea leaves grown around the World. He writes on mant types of organic tea suppliers from India. Uday writes on chai and many hot tea beverages.


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