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Is There Decaffeinated Green Tea


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Green tea is a well-accepted health drink. It is had for its health benefits for example desirable reaction in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis and for losing weight. Those people suffering from caffeine intolerance also prefer drinking green tea to coffee owing to a belief that green tea doesn’t contain caffeine.

Caffeine is quite renowned to encourage central nervous system, muscles of heart and respiratory system. Hence many individuals drink coffee to get rid of exhaustion. It also has diuretic properties. But extreme usage of caffeine can give rise to irritability, sleeplessness, loss of hunger, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, headache, diarrhea, and vomiting. It is also prohibited at the time of pregnancy. Due to such side effects of caffeine, individuals prefer drinking green tea to coffee.

But they will be surprised to get a knowledge that green tea too consists of caffeine. nice aspect is its quantity is much less than other drinks such as soft drinks, black tea, coffee, and so on. In addition you can even purchase decaffeinated green tea. So also you can bring down the amount of caffeine in green tea by yourself. Therefore it will be foolish to refrain from green tea only on the grounds it comprises of caffeine not thinking about the remarkable health advantages it imparts.

Most essentially, you have to learn that level of caffeine in green tea differs significantly according to a number of issues like which plant part has been used for its preparation, its method of preparation, brewing, etc. Keeep well in mind that just-grown tea leaves possess higher level of caffeine. The topmost quality of green tea is supposed to be taken out from the terminal bud and the two leaves near it. This is named as tea flush. This is the sweetest and most delicious portion of the green tea plant, but also it consists of the utmost amount of caffeine.

Some kinds of green tea like Japanese Houjicha , Genmaicha and Bancha are least in caffeine content.

You can even get decaffeinated tea. However at the time of purchasing it, you need to remember to note the procedure using which it is decaffeinated. There are two methods namely by mixing ethyl acetate and by mixing carbon dioxide of which later is the more advisable one. Ethyl acetate method is often marketed as natural process. However really speaking it is a chemical and is utilized elsewhere to cleanse circuit boards and in all it is a cleaning agent of paints like nail polish and other paints. Its counterpart i. e. carbon dioxide procedure is the more secure one and more natural. It even retains 95 percent of the helpful polyphenols in green tea and thereby renders safest and most helpful green tea for you.

You too can decaffeinate your green tea by yourself by steeping it in hot water for 45 seconds and then getting rid of this very first solvent. In this process about 80 % of caffeine is juiced out and the least of it sustains. The aroma of green tea is also not taken out much because of this.

Also remember to consume green tea before it gets cold. The theanine as well as catechins contained in green tea reduce the activity of caffeine. While brewing the green tea these 2 objects combine with caffeine and make it less effective and this can happen in the hot water. If you cool off the tea the catechins are broken down and caffeine is given out once more.

In this way you can see that though green tea comprises of caffeine its amount is less and that too can be weakened further. Therefore the health significance of green tea is not reduced due to its caffeine ingredient.

With these tips you can enjoy your green tea and know the answer to the question is green tea decaffeinated , also green tea caffeine content is much lower than in coffee, even with the regular green tea, you should not be very worried.


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