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Consumer Guide To Black Tea


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Black tea is one of the most common teas in the world. It is usually used in making ice tea. Black tea is also commonly used to make the English tea. There are a variety of black tea you can buy from the shop. Some black teas are sold in tea bags while others are sold in tea leaves form. Flavors may be combined with the black tea. Examples of flavors that are added to the black tea include chrysanthemum, ginger, lemon and etc.

Just like green tea, it offers many benefits. One of the benefits is that it can prevent the arteries from becoming clogged. It slows down the functioning of the artery so that you have lower risks of getting heart attack and strokes. Research shows that drinking black tea can improve the efficiency of the blood vessel system by 50%. Black tea can reduce the chances for cancer to grow in the stomach, and colon. In the black tea, there is a property called TF-2. The TF-2 property will cause the colorectal cancer cells to become destroyed by it.

The colon cancer cells will become destroyed after they undergo the apoptosis programmed cell death process. However, normal cells will not be affected by the black tea. Black tea can neutralize the viruses and bacteria that are responsible for causing diseases such as herpes, cystitis, and pneumonia. The bacteria that accumulate in your mouth will be eliminated if you drink the black tea. Black tea is also able to prevent the teeth from become decaying. It can lower the cholesterol level and helps to burn off the fat in your body.

In the black tea, there is about 2 – 4% of caffeine. The caffeine can increase the output of the urine. It can improve the Parkinson’s disease. It is a safe tea for adults. However, if you drink too much black tea, you will experience side effects. The side effects happen as a result of a high level of caffeine in the blood system. Some of the side effects associated with the black tea include headache, tremor, convulsion, diarrhea and etc. Usually, people who regularly drink tea can develop addiction to it. Hence it is recommended that you don’t drink more than 4 cups of black tea every day. Pregnant women can drink the black tea in small amount. Every cup of black tea contains about 100 mg of caffeine. If you are pregnant, you should not drink more than 2 cups of black tea per day.

Black tea is processed primarily via machine nowadays. There are some manufacturers that rely on workers to manually process the leaves of the black tea. The first step is to remove the tea leaves from the bushes. After the tea leaves are removed from the bush, they are harvested with the hand. The leaves will be separated according to the sizes. When separating the tea leaves, all kinds of obstacles such as twigs, stems and rocks will be removed. After that, the teas will be chopped and rolled. Before it is graded, it will undergo the oxidation, drying and cooling processes.

Nowadays, you can buy the black tea from the online store. There are many online stores that sell back tea. Usually, the manufacturer will sell the black tea on its own websites. You can do some research and read reviews if you want to find out which type of black tea is the best. It is best that you shop at multiple tea store so that you have a larger selection. While shopping around, you can compare the prices of the black tea .


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