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Fenugreek Tea Does Wonders For Your Digestion


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Although fenugreek tea is not as well known as other herbal teas in North America, it has a history of thousands of years in Southern Europe and as far as India. Most people know fenugreek as a spice but it can also be used as a tea.

The tea is made from the fenugreek seeds and you can purchase these in health food stores, some bulk barns, sometimes tea stores and supermarkets and, of course, online where you just need to put the words ‘fenugreek tea’ in the search engine of your choice.

Now you have your seeds, the tea is very easy to make. Take a teaspoon of the fenugreek seeds and put it in a saucepan with a cup of water and boil for at least five minutes but no more than ten. The longer you boil this tea the stronger it gets so maybe starting off with five minutes is the best idea and you can go from there. Once it has boiled for the specified amount of time, simply take it off the heat and put a lid on the saucepan and leave it to cool for ten to fifteen minutes. This is the steeping stage every tea goes through and again, the longer you leave it the stronger it is. So eventually you have to juggle the time it boils and the time it steeps to come up with your personal perfect cup! Once the tea has steeped to your satisfaction, simply strain the liquid into a tea cup or mug. The seeds can now be discarded into the compost. You can drink the tea right away or leave it to get to room temperature - again a personal choice. This tea also tastes good cold with ice and lemon - a perfect drink for the hot days of summertime. Include a lemon slice or two for added pizzaz.

Once you get used to this tea, it will probably become a firm favorite.

This tea is also very good for you, particularly with digestive issues. The seeds themselves contain a lot of fiber and this fiber helps to swell up and when it is excreted, it takes along other body waste with it. It can even be used as a laxative as well as a detox tea. In fact, many detox teas have fenugreek as part of their tea mix.

Another good thing is that this tea can help to regulate blood sugar. Also, it is good for people having coughs, bronchitis or other respiratory ailments. This is because it is great at removing mucus from the body.

You can also apply the tea topically as a paste. You can buy powdered fenugreek seeds for this and add about 3 tablespoons to one quart of boiling water. When you leave this mixture to cool, it forms a thick paste which you can use to dab on skin irritations such as insect bites, scratches, etc.

If you take any form of medication, it would be wise to ask you doctor about taking this tea, just to make sure.

Give fenugreek tea a try - you won't be disappointed.

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