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Tips on How Do I Buy A Teapot?


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Teapot is an essential piece when it comes to your tea drinking. It keeps the water warm for you to pour on your tea cups and enjoy the delightful taste. Tea was known back to the 1300s and originated in China for the period of the Ming Dynasty. This is the perfect alternative especially if you are used to of drinking coffee and juice. Drinking tea not only gives your soothing and calming mood but at the same time helps your digestion system.

Teapot is different from kettle, as for the people who are probably not familiar and confuse by these kitchenware. Teapot is where you brew your tea; it is a vessel with a spout and a handle to have no difficulty on pouring tea on a tea cups. Tea kettle on the other hand is a covered kettle with a handle and a spout and usually use for boiling water. You cannot boil water on your teapot as it is only for tea brewing. If you are looking for a teapot then you need to know the different materials use; as some teas are better brewed in one teapot than in another teapot. You need to consider the intended usage before purchasing your tea sets. See below the list of different types of tea pots that are available in the market.

Cast iron teapot is one of the most favorite product people are buying. The perfect choice for the tea ceremonies that has been part of the Japanese culture, Tetsubin tea pots are essentials. During the 19th century tea drinking became popular in Japan and in fact acts as a symbol for the status in the community. Tetsubin is known for its beautiful elaborate decoration and designs. Among the people, the more ornate the decoration they have the higher they are in the society.

During the year of 1710 was said to be the discovery of the porcelain tea pots headed by Johann Bottger of Germany. From that time porcelain tea pots has been use on tea ceremonies by rich people as they are the only one who can afford this. It has been used as part of the society status, similar to its shiny, white and elegant features that only wealthy people can use.

If you want to buy for extremely durable and excellent heat retention then silver tea pot is the perfect choice. It has been known for its popularity during the 1700’s, but until now still regarded as one of the best seller in the market.

Yixing was originated in the Jiangsu province of China. It has been made by unique, porous and purple clay materials. One of the benefits of using this tea pot is that it becomes seasoned every time you use it, and that gives you no difficulty upon clean up.

From cast iron tea pot to Yixing tea pot, it always depends with what you prefer. Each of these tea pots has their own distinctive styles. Indeed your option are endless however to have the perfect purchase consider the intended usage before anything else.

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