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Herbal Teas - How to Make Them


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Herbal remedies are a type of alternative medicine that comes from plant or plant extracts. They are utilized for healing purposes and may address to psychological conditions as well. They have been used for centuries already, and they are known to be the precursor to modern medicine.

Herbal medicines can be bought anywhere. There are drug stores which sell these medicines. And there are also shops which were built for these kinds of medicines alone. Even the internet has been one of the most common resources visited by many people today.

Although herbal remedies are an easy find, you'd consider making them yourself for educational reasons. Aside from having full understanding of the herbal drug, you'd also make things conveniently in your own home. The costs would also be lesser when you make these things on your own.

One of the most popularly used herbal remedies today is the tea. They are the ones frequently manufactured in homes because of the easy steps involved. Read the sections below and find out how you can make herbal teas on your own.

Step No. 1 - Know The Reason For Which You Need The Tea

This is considered the first step because the preparation is dependent upon the use which you are aiming for. Some teas are used to soothe throats while others are used to relax or uplift the condition of people.

Step No. 2 - How Much Tea You'll Need

Two cups are the least you can boil on a kettle. You'll find the water evaporating when you use less than two cups. The leaves or extract you'll need will also vary depending on the amount of tea needed.

Step No. 3 - Boil Water And Add The Leaves Or Extracts

If you have already decided how much tea you'll need, you can start boiling the desired amount of water and pour in the number of leaves needed. The higher the concentration, the more leaves you'll need. Make sure that the leaves are thoroughly cleaned to avoid getting complications from the herbal tea you're going to make.

Step No. 4 - Strain And Store

After you have boiled the tea, make sure you strain the leaves from the water. If extract is used, then there will be no need to strain. Afterwards, you keep everything in a thermos or in another container where heat will be retained. Make sure to practice cleanliness when you make and store the herbal tea.

After you have made the decoction, you can now drink the tea you prepared. At times, the doctor would recommend how much cups you need for a certain time. It is best to be guided in these herbal remedies to ensure safety and efficacy in the treatment process. - Herbal Medicine

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