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Wu-Yi Tea


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A cup of tea always has a rejuvenating power, it bring back anybody from the tiredness to charming mood. Tea has many benefits and is the popular drink anywhere in the world. The medical benefits are many, apart from the stimulation of nerves and body, tea has proven powers as a relaxant and also proved to be very effective in providing relief from head aches. Different varieties of Tea are cultivated all over the world, black tea; green tea and white tea are very famous. One type of tea, originated in China, Wu-Yi Tea or Oolong tea has the ability to reduce fat and hence it can be effectively used for losing weight.

Present day researches brought out the amazing property of Wu-Yi Tea in burning the fat. The slimming effect of this tea has been attracting attention of many who are desperately trying various methods to lose extra fat from their body and become slim and lean. What is the scientific background of this slimming effect? Studies proved that Wu-Yi Tea contains high concentration of poly phenol. This poly phenol has the ability to stimulate the enzymes which helps triglycerides in burning the fat content. Hence it is clinically proved that Wu-Yi Tea is a medicinal drink which can be effectively control obesity. The obese people who are tired of trying out many techniques to lose weight, can now drink Wu-Yi Tea and assured of losing the weight by burning the fat content. Wu-Yi tea has a different aroma and taste compared to usual black tea.

There many other medical benefits for the Wu-Yi Tea. This is considered to be a good herbal remedy for many coronary defects such as increased heart beat, heart blocks and heart attacks. Due to its ability to burn the fat, Wu-Yi Tea is used effectively in controlling the bad cholesterol (LDL) and improving the content of good cholesterol (HDL). It has also been amply proved that it is very effective in countering cancer attacks and aging. It has got spectacular benefits in protecting tooth decay and plaque and also in strengthening the bones; the reason attributed to this effect is the enriched calcium content in the tea.

It is imperative to have this magnificent drink in the daily diet to make use of all these advantages of this enriched medicinal tea. For many hundreds of years Chinese people were using this tea as a primary source to keep their health intact. The tea gives the slimming effect and other medicinal benefits if you take two cups of Wu-Yi Tea daily. It is a very good idea to keep a sachet of Wu-Yi Tea in a homemade gift packet when you make to given as a present to your friends and well wishers.

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Wu-Yi Tea
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