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Herbal Tea Ingredients


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Did you know that many common herbs and ingredients can be made into delicious healing herbal teas? When most people think of tea, they think of green tea, black tea or maybe even white tea.

Most people do not turn to everyday herbs to make tea from, but they can be of great benefit to your body. From aiding in weight loss to reducing blood pressure. It is truly amazing what results can be achieved by making these simple true herbal teas.

Cayenne for example added to a tea can help curb your appetite and aid in weight loss. Cayenne Herb is actually quite good when added to a tea and gives it a little kick!

Peppermint Tea can ease an upset stomach, and aids in digestion, especially after a big meal. It reduces bloating and gas and can stop naseau and motion sickness! If we just think about it, peppermint is usually a candy or mint provided at restaurants, and the digestive aid properties are why this is such a popular choice for the candy bowl on your way out of a restaurant.

Chamomile Tea can help to reduce stress and calms the nervous system. This is why Chamomile is often suggested as a sleepy time tea to help you to get a good nights sleep. Chamomile has long been known as a nervous system regulator and can really help those with the jitters.

Basil Tea can help to reduce swelling of the gums and treat gum disease! Who would of thought of drinking a tea made from basil. It is really quite delicious and if you are suffering from gum pain, drink up. This powerhouse herb will really provide you with results. Basil Tea is also used to treat disorders of the liver, lungs and even the brain.

The Recipe for Basil Tea is really simple. Take fresh water and bring to a boil. For each cup of basil tea, add 8 fresh leaves of basil to your teapot.

Let the Basil Tea steep for 8-10 minutes and drink this tea warm. Treat your brain, lungs and liver with this herbal tea remedy and holistic health tea.

I hope you enjoyed this article and seek out information on other herbs to add to your tea!

For more information about Herbal Tea Ingredients and Free Recipes visit our Herbal Tea Database with 100's of herbs!

Visit to find out more about different herbal and medicinal teas!


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