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Stew Cooking Tips - A Novice's Guide to Delicious Stews


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Stews are very popular, especially when the weather is cool, and you want something warming and tasty. A stew is a combination of solid foods, usually meat, or fish with vegetables that have been simmered or cooked slowly in a liquid sauce to allow the flavors to combine well. The sauce is served as well as its contents.

Chicken, meat, seafood, potatoes, fish, beans, fruit, and carrots are all popular stew ingredients and you can use water, wine, bouillon, or beer in the stew liquid to give flavor, as well as seasonings.

Is Stew the Same as Soup?

Stewing is often used for cheap, tough meat cuts because stewing is the only way to make them tender. A stew has larger pieces of meat, fish, or vegetables than a soup and there is more of those and less liquid than you would get in a soup.

Soup can contain small chunky or be a pureed liquid with no bits in. It is served as an appetizer whereas a stew is a main dish. Soups are served in deep bowls whereas a chunky stew can be served on a plate.

How to Add Flavor to a Stew

There is a limit to how flavorful a combination of meat, vegetables and water can be, which is why it is useful to know how to make your stew recipes flavorful.

Stew is a versatile dish and you can use a lot of different meat, vegetable, liquid, spice and herb combinations in your stew recipes. It is best to season the meat with salt and pepper before searing it in a hot pan.

You might want to roll the meat in flour to thicken up the stew. Meat chunks should be browned all over before you add them to the liquid. This means they will not dry out. This applies whichever type of meat you are using - chicken, beef, pork, or something else.

The next step in making an exciting stew is to saute some vegetables in the pan, then add water, wine, juice, broth or whichever liquid you are using and scrape the bottom of the pan to incorporate any stuck on bits into the liquid. Put the meat back into the pan and cook slowly.

It is a good idea to check your stew every fifteen minutes or so to see if it needs more seasoning or more liquid. When it is ready, you might like to add some lemon juice, parsley, crispy crumbled bacon or cider at the very end to brighten up the flavor. It is also a good idea to serve your stew with some warm bread to mop up the delicious juices.

Stew is a lot of fun to make and it is also very easy. Whether you want to make a green chili chicken stew or an authentic Irish stew, as long as you bear the above tips in mind your stew should come out great.

Stews are very simple to make from scratch, even for cooking novices. If you are looking for some exciting stew recipe inspiration you might like to have a look at where we have plenty more stew making tips and a collection of stew recipes to tantalize your taste buds.

If you are looking for some great recipes or tips on cooking chicken soups and stews of your own, the site will be very helpful. Whether you want a quick and easy soup, a creamy one, or an old fashioned chicken stew, you are sure to find it there. Soup recipes like our chicken tortilla soup with a wonderful Mexican inspired soup.

If you are in the mood for chicken stew with an international, flavor why not try one of our international stews or soups. Now if you are wondering how to make Jamaican brown stew chicken then we have the answer and a recipe for you.

Nothing but chicken soups of all kinds. Also find informative articles related to chicken soup's health benefits and other interesting information like cooking tips. Look for our heart health recipe guide to find soup recipes that can help you with your fight against heart disease. All recipes include nutritional information to help you make informed healthy choices about your next recipe decision.


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