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Potato Nuggets and Veg Burgers: Why Your Child Will Love Frozen Foods?

Pankaj Kumar

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Food is important and especially for parents with fussy eaters. If yours is the same case, try offering your child frozen foods. This article talks about the reasons why kids love them so much.

Being a parent to a child in this day and age is no small task. There are a lot of things one has to take care of, especially of the food they eat. Children can be picky eaters and it is not easy to deal with a child who does not want to eat. If you have a fussy eater at home, then you may well have tried all the tricks in the book to make her eat, but to no avail. However, before you give up, try offering your little one some frozen and fried potato nuggets. Here are some reasons why frozen foods are loved by most children all over the world.

They are delicious!

The most important reason why frozen foods are such a hit with children is that they taste delicious. Frozen food companies put in a lot of time and effort to fine-tune recipes and they use the best quality ingredients available to create foods that are rich in taste. Also, they take time to create recipes which are perfectly attuned to the Indian palate. For example, vegetable Aloo Tikki, a snack that is quintessentially Indian, is wonderful in its frozen avatar. So you can be sure that your child too will enjoy it.

They look and feel good

Food is a lot about how it looks and feels like. Why children love frozen foods is also because they look and feel so perfect. For example, crinkly French fries are every child’s favourite and when those are made available at home, who can resist? They are just the right texture as the restaurant version and kids will enjoy the feeling of eating such delicacies at home.

Kids demand variety

If you are a parent, you must know that no child wants to eat the same food at every meal. In fact, adults are the same. That is why frozen foods are such a great idea for fussy eaters. Keep them on hand and you can rustle up a snack or meal in a few minutes time depending on what your kid is demanding. So on a rainy day, give your child some potato nuggets as an evening snack. The next day, if she refuses to eat plain old Daal-Chawaal, indulge her with some frozen veggie burgers! It can be assured that she will eat up and you will feel astounded at how fast she finishes her meal!

They can get hungry in a very short time

As children grow, there comes a phase when they are hungry all the time. If you are a busy parent, it can be tough to make meals and snacks at the drop of a hat. With frozen foods, you don’t have to! Just take something out of your freezer and cook them up a snack in a jiffy. They will be happy with it for sure. Also, if their friends drop by, you can serve yummy snacks for them as well.

So the next time your child does not want to eat, give her some vegetable Aloo Tikkis and see her smile!


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