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Delicious quick Whole Wheat Buns


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Whole wheat buns have a high dietary fiber content but they also tend tend to be more expensive than the alternative white buns you can get with a low dietary fiber content.
So in order to save some money for some of all the other things are more fun to spend the money on, I've experimented a little with different recipes to find a whole wheat bun which we think was good and we'd like to eat.

After some playing with the recipes for some time, I have found one which allows for variation in the content of flour but also other things so we don’t get bored with them.

The basic recipe is as follows
5 dl. lukewarm water
1 dl. oil
50 grams yeasts
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. sugar
600 grams of wheat flour
220 grams of coarse rye flour (you can also use other types of coarse flour it is up to you)

For example you can also add a grated carrot, sunflower seeds to taste, or you can use less / more whole wheat just remember to do the same with wheat flour otherwise it wrong.

Directions to make these great buns are.
The water, yeast, sugar, and salt are stirred together in a bowl, to yeast, sugar and salt is dissolved, after which the oil is mixed in and then just set it aside while you while measuring the flour up.
Water, yeast sugar and salt the solids together in a bowl, to the yeast, sugar and salt has dissolved, after which the the oil is mixed in and the whole is ovine allowed to stand 5 min while you are measuring the flour up.
If you like sunflower seeds and / or carrot, then make sure to mix them in before the flour comes in so that is will be mixed in.

When flour is measured up then mix it in order to get finished buns with the same amount of whole wheat, sunflower seeds and so on. Then it’s just adding a little flour at a time until dough is fluffy and slightly sticky. Be careful not mixing to much flour in the dough so that it gets hard and dry:
When the dough is kneaded for about 5 min, you can to it in the a mixer something I’m doing because it makes the dough more fluffy

When that’s done the dough need to rise for approx. 1 hour, the longer it rises the better the they get.
Take the dough out of bowl and knead just a little, but be careful not to knead all the air out of it. After that form the dough into balls total between 12 and 18 depending on how big they should be or what you want to use them for. When it done, let them rise for approx. 20 to 25 minutes again.

Ones they are raised brush water or eggs on top of them, where you can if you want sprinkle a little oatmeal on top or whatever you want. (Sprinkle sesame on if you want to use them as burger buns something that we think they are good. )

Bake them in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius in the bottom half of the oven 12 to 15 minutes or until golden brown depending on how good your oven is.

Note: They may well be used for lunch as an alternative to bread.

Whole Wheat buns

Are you on a diet, then these buns should help you lower you weight thereby also your bmi and body fat. After we change our normal white buns out with the Whole Wheat Buns , I felt less hungry during the day which lead me to eat less. Thus lowering my calorie intake, getting me that much more closer to my ideal weight . !


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