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Campfire Cooking Recipes - Lasagna


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Have you considered having lasagna on a camping trip? Before you leave on your trip, combine mozzarella cheese, eggs and cottage cheese. Put the mixture in an airtight container and store in a chilled cooler. This will prevent the cheeses and eggs from going bad as you travel. If you want meat in your lasagna, cook fully and also place in a container to be put in the cooler. When you are ready to cook the meal, make sure the dutch oven is completely cleaned and dry. Layer the noodles, meat and cheese/egg mixture until the oven is nearly full. Add the spaghetti sauce over the top and put the remaining cheese mixture on the very top. Place the dutch oven lid on tightly and put over hot coals. Place additional hot coals on top of the oven to cook from the top simultaneously. Check the lasagna from time to time and after 45 minutes the meal should be ready to serve. Consider adding chopped peppers and onions to the cooked meat for more flavor.

For a yummy pizza alternative while camping, try stromboli. Purchase pre-made dough and the toppings you will want. Roll the dough out so it almost fills the bottom of the dutch oven. Oil the dough so it will not stick and put the toppings on top. Try adding different meats and vegetables. When you have added everything you want, roll the dough over and pinch the sides to close. Poke holes in the top with a fork or utensil and place the top tightly on the dutch oven. Put over hot coals and place some on top of the oven for even cooking. Cook time is only 15 minutes and the finished stromboli is delicious.

To cater to a sweet tooth on a camping trip, make this wonderful cherry cobbler. Before you put anything in the dutch oven, place tin foil in the bottom to prevent burning. Layer pre-made biscuit dough on top of the foil and use enough to create a sturdy dessert bottom. Pour a can of cherry filling in and add another layer of biscuit dough. Continue alternating the fruit and dough layers until you almost fill the oven. Be sure to leave a few inches of room so the biscuits have room to expand. Place the top of the dutch oven on and place over hot coals. Add some coals to the top as well since there are several layers of biscuits. Take extra care not to burn the biscuits on the bottom. They are closest to the heat and will cook quickly. Keep checking the cobbler until it is fully cooked. If you have any ice cream in your cooler, this would be a perfect time to use it up!

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