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Five Fun Dips For Dieters

Angela Atkinson

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Since I'm always working on getting and staying healthy, I'm always looking for good ideas for healthy snacks. One fun way to spice up a snack is to add a healthy dip to it. Here are five great ideas for healthy snack dips!

Fiesta Dip

My mother in law makes a fabulous dip called fiesta dip. She mixes one 16 ounce container of sour cream, along with one package of Hidden Valley Fiesta Ranch seasonings. For a healthy twist, I replace the sour cream with fat free sour cream, or plain yogurt. It's still full of delicious flavor, and makes a great dip for veggies. We use cucumbers, various bell peppers (red is the best, I think!), carrot sticks, and celery for dipping.

Southwest Chili Dip

Take one 8 ounce package of fat free cream cheese, and add 1 cup of chili. I like to use leftover chili I've made myself, as I know exactly what's in it, but if that's not an option, Healthy Choice makes a nice low-fat, high-fiber chili. Mix well and serve with tortilla crisps.

Tip: You can make your own healthy version of tortilla crisps by buying whole grain tortillas, slicing them in the shape desired, and toasting in a 350 degree oven for ten minutes or so. You can also make them in the toaster oven if you like.


Yogurt makes a great fruit dip. You can use any flavor, and it's a great way to add a little something special to your fruit. My kids like to make fruit salad by cutting up seasonal fruits and tossing them with a little yogurt for flavor.

Tip: You can also use plain yogurt in place of sour cream on your baked potatoes or tacos!

Low Fat Salad Dressings

My favorite right now is Kraft Lite dressings. They come in individual packages (you get six per box), which are as low as 25 calories per package. I love that they're pre-packaged by serving size, and that they are so low in fat and calories. These make great dips for veggies too. I especially like to dip tomato wedges in the Italian dressing.

Tip: Make a tomato and cucumber salad. Mix tomatoes, cucumbers, and low fat mozzarella cheese, along with one packet of Kraft Lite Italian Dressing for a quick and yummy snack!

Special Fruit Dip

This one was inspired by my Aunt Jan. She makes an amazing fruit dip, and while the recipe here may be slightly altered, she deserves the credit.

Take one 8 ounce package of fat free cream cheese, and add 8 ounces of whipped cream. Blend well. You can also add a bit of flavored yogurt to this concoction if you like, but it's lovely as is. It's fabulous with strawberries, melon, or any other fruit you can imagine.

Bottom Line

This is just another example of how eating healthy does not have to be boring! Think outside the box and try new things. Who knows, maybe you'll come up with the next big thing!


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