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Halloween Dessert Recipes Are High in Sugar Content - Good Or Bad?


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Halloween dessert recipes are an essential component to fall festivities. While many are gathering up all of the essential ingredients to create their spookynite snacks, many will be purchasing sugar in order to mix in to give the desserts a sweet taste. Unfortunately, many people who will be purchasing this ingredient simply do not know or understand that there are dangers associated with this substance.

Here, I will be exploring the dangers of sugar in Halloween dessert recipes. If you have a sweet tooth, or you are concerned about your health and the health of those that will be consuming these Halloween treats, it is important that you pay special attention to the contents of this article.

When an individual consumes the sugar in Halloween dessert recipes, and other sweets, it throws off the natural homeostasis process. If you are wondering what this is, it is really simple to understand. Homeostasis is simply the equilibrium, or “balance" in the body that is considered to be “ideal".

It basically means that all of components of the body are working in harmony together for proper maintenance. As sugar enters the body, it throws off this natural and required balance in the body. One of the first areas that are affected in a negative fashion is the immune system of the body.

Sugar will actually have a negative impact on the defenses that the immune system sets up in order to fight against potentially threatening diseases and sicknesses. When the immunity of the body is suppressed, many health complications may arise.

Now, when creating those Halloween treats this year, there is a large possibility that children will be consuming them. If you will be using sugar as an ingredient, you may want to consider the effects that it can have on these kids. It has been discovered that adrenaline increases quite rapidly in the body of a child when they consume foods and beverages that contain sugar.

Furthermore, these children have been observed in experiencing high levels of anxiety and even signs of hyperactivity. Many medical professionals and parents who have observed the effects of sugar on children have noticed that many of these kids are not able to concentrate effectively.

Irritability and depression are also common side effects. Before creating a menu of all the Halloween dessert recipes that you will be creating this fall, be sure to consider not using as much sugar and finding another source of sweetener to add other than straight sugar. This is only a small list of the dangers associated with this substance.

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Ooops! Mistake Creates 2 Diabetic Dessert Recipes in 1
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