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Is Whole Wheat Pasta Really Healthier?


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Whole-wheat pasta is generally known to be better for you because whole-wheat pasta contains the entire grain seed. Whole-wheat pasta contains vitamins, minerals and fiber, some of which are lost in the refining process when pasta is made from refined and processed flour.

The main reason that so many people prefer processed pasta, to whole-wheat pasta, is that the processed pasta has a slightly different taste and texture than the whole-wheat variety, and many people have become accustomed to processed pasta. It is true that whole grain pasta is better for you, and offers health benefits that you won't find in processed pasta.

Whole-wheat pasta is brown and has a stronger taste than the pasta that most people are accustomed to eating. It comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some people say the differences take some getting used to while others notice very little difference.

Whole-wheat pasta is not only higher in natural nutrients but it also contains more fiber. In addition, whole-wheat pastas tend to have a lower glycemic index. What this means is that it will not raise your insulin level. This is very important if you are a diabetic or attempting to lose weight.

Though people have grown accustomed to the mellow taste and texture of refined pasta, whole-wheat pasta is higher in protein, and tends to be more filling, so you eat less. It becomes lighter as it cooks and can be quite delicious when served with flavorful sauces.

It is a common misconception that pasta is a very fattening food. Pasta is not necessarily fattening as it is made from grain, which is a naturally low fat food. It is the sauce that you put on the pasta that adds the calories to the meal. If you want to eat pasta but keep your calorie count low, you could eat whole-wheat pasta topped with a low calorie sauce.

As a result of new technology, today's whole-wheat pasta has improved in the past few years to be even more palatable with better texture. Some of today's whole-wheat pasta is very tasty when cooked correctly and complimented with the right sauces.

Dieticians and doctors will usually tell you that whole-wheat pasta is your best choice for health. You will get far more nutrition and fewer calories that you will with refined pasta.

By choosing whole grain pasta, you can put your favorite Italian dishes back on the menu without sacrificing your health.

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