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Olive Oil And How It Helps The Body

Luessi Dino

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What makes a day complete? Undoubtedly, the involvement of food cannot be neglected. For a day to be considered as well spent, a healthy metabolism and a healthy digestion are two of the important factors. Wellbeing is a person's first priority and food plays an important role.

The food that we consume on a regular basis owing to our schedules and busy lifestyles is usually the one that can be quickly cooked or the one that is easily available around. But, the problem with such food is that it is unhealthy and most of our body's energy is drained out in digesting it which slows down the body's metabolism and makes us lethargic. Not only this, it hampers the overall growth of our body making it weaker day by day.

The best idea to start a day is by consuming a healthy low fat breakfast. The first meal in the day has a huge impact on the body. The problem that many people face is when deciding what to eat. You can vary your breakfast and consume whatever you want but it is ideal to use olive oil instead of any other because of its countless benefits. It not only keeps the taste alive but also keeps the nutrients intact while adding no fats to your body and therefore no worries. Olive oil is rich in good fat, the one that is healthy and very much needed by the body.

This low fat cooking oil serves as one of the most nutritious ingredients in almost all types of cuisines. Following are the benefits:

1) Peptide production enhancer-

Peptide is one of the enzymes released in the body that enhances digestion and helps body generate more energy from the food consumed. Olive oil increases the peptide production in the body therefore making the most of the food consumed.

2) Helps the pancreas-

The pancreas is an important part of the digestive system and the release of enzymes makes sure the digestion of food is done in a healthy manner. Pancreas help the intestines in extracting the best out of the food we consume and make them work efficiently.

3) Supports the intestines-

Both the small and large intestines absorb the nutrients from the food we eat and provide the body with the required energy. Olive oil helps the intestines absorb the nutrients from the food effectively which is ultimately beneficial for the body.

4) Reflux reduction-

Oily food consumption can cause gastric reflux or heartburn. The common symptoms include a burning sensation in the stomach, throat or esophagus because of high acid contents in the body in an attempt to digest the food. Olive oil however, reduces the secretion of gastric acid and thus it eases the uneasiness and burning sensation that comes with it.

A low fat diet is one thing you should keep in mind and olive oil is certainly the best bid you have to make it happen.

A low fat breakfast is the best start to your day. Olive oil is the perfect ingredient that makes it happen and gives you a perfect balance of taste and health.


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Olive Oil- A Miracle in its Own Way
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