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10 Nutritional Uses Of Chia Seeds

Alexandria Janssen

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Chia seeds are renowned in the region they're from as “Indian Running Food". They're South American in origin and the word Chia means strength in Mayan. Their refreshing and so hydrating attributes made them a food of choice for modern athletes too. But you don't have to be a distance runner to get the advantages of adding Chia seeds to your diet. They're gluten free and even high in nutrients, plus can help keep you hydrated and moreover feeling full for longer. Here i will discuss the top ten methods you can use Chia seeds.

To Make Home Made Energy Gel

There's a market for stamina foods as well as drinks, and generally it just means sugar (or higher fructose corn syrup) or even caffeine, or both. Which isn't going to offer lasting strength and moreover it is not family friendly also. Plus it can be very costly. Instead, try adding a couple teaspoons of Chia seeds to a cup of coconut water. Allow mixture stand for about ten minutes and it should be all set. It's delicious and healthy, doesn't consist of the undesirable chemicals that commercial preparations make use of as well as it is excellent for both, active children and adults as well!

As Breading for Fish and Chicken Dishes

If you like a crispy coating on your fried chicken or fish, have no fear. Mix some Chia seeds with almond flour and garlic powder, or use just the seeds and they'll give that crispy, crunchy flavoursome coating.

To Thicken Meatballs as Replacement for Breadcrumbs

Meatballs, burgers and plenty of other foods require a little support from breadcrumbs to thicken them up and give them consistency. If you can't or don't want to use breadcrumbs you can use Chia seeds instead. Some tablespoons per pound of meat will have the same effect as breadcrumbs.

Homemade Chia Pet

In case you have kids clamouring for a plant pet or you want one for yourself, make a homemade one! Buy a porcupine or other pet shaped pot and fill with soil, and plant your Chia seeds. They'll grow out through the holes with just watering and a little TLC.

Chia Sprouts for Salads

Baby or sprouting herbs for instance cress are sometimes used as flavourings plus garnishes on salads. You can use Chia seeds the same way. Just put some Chia seeds in a dish, cover with water and then check them and change the water every 12 hours or so. In a couple days you will get Chia sprouts, which can be used just like cress as a salad garnish or in sandwiches.

To Make a Tasty, Healthy Pudding

Chia seeds can be used to make a rice pudding-like dish that is both alot more flavourful and healthier than the original component. Mix them with coconut or some other milk and flavour to taste, mix and leave in the refrigerator to set.

To Thicken Soup, Gravy and Sauces

The majority of soups, gravies and also sauces are thickened with cornstarch or simply flour or even both. If you do not want to use these, Chia seeds make a great substitute; much better, if anything. Add them either ground or whole, a little at a time till you attain the desired thickness.

As a Safe Egg Substitute

Eggs can cause some people health problems, while others simply do not like them. If this is you, try dry-grinding 1 tablespoonful of Chia seeds in a blender or coffee grinder and three tablespoons of water per egg in a baked recipe. Obviously this does not work in things like omelettes.

To Make Grain Free Crackers

These can be made by mixing Chia seeds with equal parts coconut milk to thicken and then adding some garlic powder and salt and bake on a low temperature for a couple of hours.

On Their Own!

Chia seeds can be eaten straight from the package and while they may sometimes stick in your teeth a little, they are otherwise an ideal quick and easy start to the day or a snack. Try washing them down with your morning coffee.

With every passing day, the focus is diverted to being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. It is not more important than ever to be healthy. The trying tasks of our lives demand it if nothing else. Chia seeds are perfect for the purpose. They are a great addition to any healthy meal while being superbly versatile in their uses.


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