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Diets for Good Immune System

Edmund Brunetti

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Your healthy eating is no use if it does not have place for diets for good immune system. Our body needs to fight off infection and this nutrient is only available from the food you eat. Your grandma wasn’t all wrong when she claimed an apple a day, keeps the doctors away.

Your immune system is somewhat like a well, tuned orchestra, whose main purpose is to defend your body from various unhealthy insults hurled at you by the world. The immune system has various different instruments (read organs) that work together towards one goal – that is warding off foreign stuff that can damage your body. A well co-ordinated system of signals are sent and received, multiple redundancies and feedback loops that ensure that foreign molecules are recognized and destroyed, if they are harmful.

At times, if diets - diete for good immune system are not followed, and also due to environment and lifestyle, a breakdown in the system occurs. It is then that our body becomes vulnerable to viruses and bacteria, thus making it susceptible to illness and infections. In such cases prevention should be the name of the game. Make your body so strong from the inside by eating a diet good for immune system, that it hardly gets impacted by the dangers outside.

When feeling under the weather, quickly boost your immune system by the following diet:

* Mushrooms: Various types of mushrooms such as oyster, shitake and other Asian varieties are rich in beta glucans (A type of compounds) that boost the production of T cells and NK cells that help your body in preventing infections. It also increases the activity and production of white cells, making them much more aggressive in fighting off infection.

* Garlic: It has immune boosting properties that come from its sulphuric compound called allicin. It is vital in fighting viral, fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections. It also has anti oxidant and anti tumor features that guard the cell from everyday wear and tear. It also plays a vital role in removing toxic substances and carcinogens. Its boosts the multiplication of white cells which are popularly famous for fighting infection.

* Kefir or Yogurt: Include this probiotic food in your diet for good health as it is rich in good bacteria that stimulate the enzymes in the gastro intestinal tract. It goes a long way in protecting us from different types of diarrhoea and fights viral infections too. It was found that people who consume yogurt daily increased their T- lymphocyte cell count (A crucial factor in immune system) by approximately 40%.

* Green Tea: It is an extremely rich source of an anti oxidant called catechin, known to possess anti ageing properties. It also stops the replication of influenza virus and other viruses. The catechins also improve the lymphocytes responses that have anti inflammatory effects. Green tea is also a very good source of an amino acid called theanine that helps in triggering the release of germ fighting compounds present in your T cells. So use it as substitute for coffee and soda and incorporate it in diet for good immune system as well as diet for good health.

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Boost Your Immune System
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