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Tips for preparing low-fat tips


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The appetizers are a fundamental element in all parties. However, as usually high in calories and also tend to eat “on autopilot", contribute to weight gain during the holiday season. For this reason, if you're watching the line, it is important to find alternatives where no final summation I spend a high toll on your figure, as a party snack is possible that at the end of the night not even remember how much and what you ate. Keep in mind these tips for preparing delicious low-calorie dips.

• Dips based beans are quite healthy, except when prepared with equal parts of butter or other fats. You can make a bean dip with minimal fat and enhance the flavor with spices and sauces without fat. Some good additions for bean dips are chopped tomato or salsa, chili pepper or chili pepper, garlic, onions, celery and cilantro.

• Replaces potatoes, nachos and tortillas vegetables, which are excellent substitutes and provide few calories . You can include broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and blanched vegetables mini. This cook quickly in boiling water and slip cold water immediately, so crisp and bright. Carrots, cucumber, celery and radishes can be served raw, broken into small strips or sticks. You can also include small white mushrooms or cherry tomatoes on sticks teeth.

• Most dips are made ​​with a creamy base high in fat (cream cheese, mayonnaise or sour cream). You can replace it with an alternative that will subtract up to 50% of calories, increasing the proportion of vegetables and diminishing the creamy base, which further highlight its flavor.

• If you change 1 cup sour cream (444 kcal) . For 1 cup plain yogurt fat (137 kcal), save 307 kcal. • If you change your regular cream cheese 1 cup (793 kcal) . For 1 cup light cream cheese (482 kcal), save 311 kcal. For 1 cup nonfat yogurt (137 kcal), save 307 kcal.

You can leave sneaking into the refrigerator at night to get a creamy consistency. For 1 cup cottage cheese (104 kcal) or ricotta (339 kcal), save 389 kcal and 454 kcal respectively.

• If you replace regular mayonnaise 1 cup (916 kcal) . For Light mayonnaise ½ cup (259 kcal) + ½ cup nonfat yogurt (68.5 kcal) (Total 327.5 kcal), you save 588.5 kcal. For 1 cup nonfat yogurt (137 kcal) + 1 tablespoon light mayonnaise (32 kcal ) if you want thinner consistency (Total 169 kcal). You'll save 747 kcal. For ½ cup mashed white beans (124 kcal) + ½ cup light mayonnaise (259 kcal) (Total 383 kcal). Save 533 kcal. RECIPES LIGHT DIPS Hummus Dip for vegetables oregano cream cheese with tuna dip

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