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Rice and Oats Premium The Guilt Free, All Day Snacks


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Rice & Oats Premium is a baked snack made from wholegrain rice and fiber-rich oats. It is a light, crisp and flavorful guilt-free snack option to keep you fit and healthy yet fully satisfied.

Rice & Oats has two exciting flavors, namely:

a. Veggie Asparagus

Bits and morsels of nutritious asparagus cover the light and healthy Rice&Oats crisps. Oven-baked to perfection, these crisps come loaded with the pleasant taste and the natural goodness of asparagus. What is so good about it? It's MSG FREE, has - LOW SALT, ZERO TRANSFAT, NO CHOLESTEROL, is FIBER-RICH and is CAFFEINE FREE.

b. Light-Sugared Cinnamon

The nutritious and flavor-rich light-sugared cinnamon blends perfectly with the natural and pleasant taste of baked Rice&Oats crisps. With just the right level of sweetness, Rice&Oats Light-Sugared Cinnamon offers the sweet-toothed health and figure-conscious an all day snack with 72% less sugar and uses SPLENDA®, the top brand of the the no calorie sweetener, Sucralose. It has ZERO TRANSFAT, is FIBER RICH and HAS NO CHOLESTEROL.

Rice & Oats Premium contains 100mg Teavigo® per carton pack or 25mg per serving size. Teavigo is a highly purified green tea extract which contains 94% Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG). Teavigo plays an important role in weight management by increasing fat oxidation and enhancing body's metabolism. In addition, it is a highly powerful natural antioxidant (anti-aging and anti cancer effects). Teavigo has no caffeine so you may enjoy all of its healthful benefits without the jittery side-effects. . . A big help to your weight management program!

In general, snack foods are still considered junk foods because it contains high level of MSG, salt, flavorings, cholesterol, and is usually fried in oil. But compared to regular snack foods, Rice&Oats Premium is considered a healthy and guilt-free snacks because of the following: Baked not fried, No Cholesterol, MSG Free, Gluten Free, Zero Trans Fat, Fiber Rich, Low Salt and Caffeine Free.

Rice & Oats Premium is also the perfect snack if you're in a weight management program and you need a healthy snack that can provide the calories and nutrients which your body needs to enhance your daily performance. Just with 5-10 pieces of Rice&Oats Premium taken every two to three hours throughout the day, you can replace lunch /dinner meals and still have the regular fuel source for the body. What is more, you will not feel deprived nor crave for something because Rice&Oats Premium has a high fullness factor. With few pieces with few calories, Rice&Oats Premium gives you a feeling of satisfaction and fullness. This is what makes Rice&Oats Premium a real buddy for your long term diet. . . frequent but few is just that. . . all day snacking!


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