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Cutting Down the Extra Calories

Neelam Pandey

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Diet drinks

Artificial sweeteners often used in low-calorie drinks can increase the weight. The sweeteners used in these drinks trick the body into thinking it's about to get a huge surge of calories- and when it doesn't, we get hungry and overeat. It's healthier to stick to plain water and for the taste, the urge can be satisfied by mixing fresh fruit juice with sparkling water, gradually increasing the amount of water used each time. Also, a squeeze of lemon juice can be added which boosts the digestion.

Breakfast bars

Low-fat cereals look tempting with their low calorie promises but it's always better to avoid them. Many are packed with artificial sweeteners and sugar which give an instant hit of energy and then crash the blood sugar levels leaving the body tired and hungry. If it's a nutty, crunchy snack you are after, have a small handful of nuts. Nut eaters consume less overall because nuts are packed with protein and keep you feeling full for a long time.


Remember, the salads that have rich dressings or even potatoes can often contain more calories than a high calorie burger. A little fat is often considered good for a salad , as it helps our body to absorb the nutrients from the veggies better. But, choose a salad that contains protein and plain veggies. Oily potatoes and anything white is best avoided.

Low fat muffins

Even muffins described as low fate are packed with butter, sugar and fat. Only that it has slightly less butter, sugar and fat than regular muffins. Avoid them if you can or share one with a friend. If you fancy something sweet with your coffee, go for a low-calorie biscuit. pandey


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