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How to Make Diet Shakes Great Tasting Low Calorie Shakes


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Diet shakes and smoothies are a great way to lose weight. Discover how in this article.

Why Are Diet Shakes Great?

Diet shakes are great because they fill you up and they do not have too many calories in them. You can still gain weight with diet shakes if you drink too many of them.

But if you understand that you shouldn't exceed a maximum number of calories per day then diet shakes are great as a complete meal, full of nutrition and fill you up.

Buy A Good Blender

It goes without saying that you should invest in a good blender. You won't need the expensive option of an ice crusher because you can just use frozen fruit instead. Get in the habit of cleaning or at least rinsing it after you've used it otherwise it will get clogged and you will delay cleaning it and making any more shakes.

Use Frozen Fruit

Shakes taste best when cold so it is best to use a lot of frozen fruit in your shakes. Either freeze your own fruit beforehand or you can even buy big bags of already-frozen fruit for cheap from your supermarket.

To thicken your shakes, just use regular bananas.

Be Careful Of Dairy

Some shakes will add milk but I'd be very wary of this. Milk has a lot of calories that you don't need. You could use skimmed milk but it is so thin that you might as well use water instead.

The best thing is to use a combination of juicy and non-juicy fruits like berries and bananas for example.

Add Seeds

The best shakes are those that you can almost chew. And seeds are a great source of nutrition. My personal recommendation is to try and find some flaxseeds because these are highly nutritious. When they are blended, they will burst and release their nutrition.

Protein Shakes

You can also use protein powder and add water and juicy fruit if you wish but personally I prefer to just use fruit completely.

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