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How to Buy Healthy Snacks Online?

Leah Spencer

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Snacks are a bane to dieters and health conscious people. In our modern lifestyle, due to increased sedentary lifestyles and overeating oily snacks, obesity also has become part of our lives. The only way to snack and stay healthy is to have light and healthy snacks as an alternative. Healthy snacking is very much possible these days with a lot of online stores which offer a huge variety. There are many options online with catchy phrases and bright advertising. Customers are often misled by the advertisements and end up making the wrong choice. How to buy healthy snacks online?

First of all snacks should have low calorific value and should be freshly made. Always make sure to buy from reputed and branded stores to avoid stale snacks. Check the oil in which the snacks are made. Gingelly oil or fresh cold pressed oil should be used in preparing the snacks like murruku and savories. Baked snacks are more healthy as the oil used would be minimal. Do not get carried away by tall claims by the manufacturer. Always check label fro ingredients and buy small quantities at one time. Having a variety of snacks at home is too much of a temptation to resist.

There are a lot of millet based snacks in online stores these days. Some of them even sell traditional sweets like til laddos and groundnut chikkis which are far healthier than ghee laden laddoos. These are a boon to dieters as you can safely indulge in these snacks once in a while. Ragi and pearl millet based savories are available which are tasty delicious and also provide vital nutrients to our body.

The idea of dieting is to reduce empty calories and to supplement our body with vital nutrients. So choose snacks not only by counting calories but by evaluating the nutrients available in them. A fried snack may not be a good option to have but when you have to choose between a fat laden pizza and fried ragi twisters choose the ragi twisters. Though you are adding deep fried item to your diet it is far more nutritious than a pizza which only contains a lot of carbohydrate and fat.

Granola bars, sunflower seeds etc are great snacks to have they add a lot of essential nutrients to your body and keep hunger pangs at bay. Choose jiggery based sweets over white sugar based syrupy sweets. Sweets without excessive ghee and coloring products are best to have even if you are not diabetic.

Choose to buy snacks from an outlet in your area and make sure that the products are packed properly. Manual handling of snacks is not advisable so make sure the shops are hygienic and adhere to safety standards. The use of rancid oil, improper handling of snacks can cause a lot of health issues.

Online stores for native sweets and savories are very popular these days and they do brisk business. So keep these tips in mind before you buy.

Check out Bind Bind, one of the best online shop for buying traditional Indian snacks and sweets at an affordable price range.


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