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Trends in Cake Decorating


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Baking a cake is one of the best ways to make any occasion extra special. Here you will find some of the most popular trends in use now for both cakes and cupcakes.

Today, it is possible to creatively customize a cake to look almost like anything. The most popular methods in decorating trends includes the use of fondant because of its smooth surface, vivid colors, uniquely crafted shapes and chic finish. The next two favorite icings include butter cream and cream cheese. Cake and cupcake flavors in the top spot are carrot, chocolate, white, lemon, almond, red velvet, tuxedo, strawberry, orange and pistachio. Do you want a delectable filling for even more taste? Try one of these top picks of raspberry, bavarian cream, white chocolate mousse, chocolate mousse, strawberry, mint, lemon, fudge and cream cheese.
Bright, vivid colors are also a growing trend in the world of cakes and cupcakes. These colors add flair and fun to any occasion, whether it is for a wedding or a birthday party. Summer colors range from brilliant oranges, lemony yellows, sky blues, petal pinks, shamrock greens and other bold summer mixtures. Guests will love these delightful cakes and cupcakes when you serve them at outdoor events during the summer months.

The rising popularity of having cupcakes instead of cakes at large and small festivities is another trend that is sweeping the cake decorating world. Cupcakes are becoming the new fad for the main dessert at parties and many brides are using cupcakes instead of the more traditional wedding cake at their receptions. Cupcakes come in an assortment of tasty flavors and can be iced and decorated many ways. A cupcake wedding cake is made by using dozens of individual cupcakes. These can be all one flavor or you can have a variety of flavors to appeal to different guests. They are usually set on a cupcake tower or elaborate pedestal for a stunning presentation. When all of the cupcakes are placed on the pedestal, it resembles a traditional layer cake, but instead of layers you have delectable cupcakes. This is a grand way to present cupcakes, but setting them at individual place settings has also become popular at weddings.

The popular trend for brides is moving toward a simple, yet elegant cake, using smooth fondant finishes covered with royal icing dots or simulated pearls to create the look of porcelain. These cakes will have a somewhat higher price tag of up to $12 per slice. Butter cream icings decorated with fresh flowers or gum paste flowers are still very popular for weddings. Cake decorating is sometimes more artful with creations made to look like famous people such as Elvis, Princess Diana, or Mickey Mouse.

The fall season is right around the corner and top decorating trends this year are already becoming obvious. Cupcakes are a favorite with adults and children, so Monster cupcakes are a sure hit for your Halloween party. Decorate them using icing to make vampires, witches, ghosts and monster faces on the tops. For monster fangs, use candy corns and gummy worms for an even more added frightening presentation. If you are wanting to bake and decorate a fabulous cake or make cupcakes for a Thanksgiving event, start a new tradition and use a butter cream icing decorated with leaves in assorted fall colors on the tops and sides of the cake and tops of the cupcakes. The brighter the colors, the better, for an autumn celebration.

Tea parties are also at the top of the list for party planning, so add lovely, delicately decorated cupcakes to these events in beautiful pastel colors for the topping on the so called cake for your party.

The use of sugar-styled art or gum paste art on cakes and cupcakes for use in the decorating process is a major trend being used this year. These can be molded and crafted to look like gum paste animals, flowers, and sculptures as well as detailed and endearing sugared flowers, ribbons and leaves. Add more elegance by using luster dust, customized molds and forms which can be found at craft stores. Fondant plays an important part here as well, as it can be used in molding and forming any of the specialty shapes and creations of the decorator.

Many cupcake specialty stores are opening nationwide serving cakes and cupcakes with creative designs and flavors. These trendy gourmet cake shops are in demand due to their nostalgic presentation of a favorite dessert that everyone loves to eat.

So, get creative and start decorating using your favorite themes. Get your inspiration from movies or favorite TV shows. Use cookie cutters to help decorate your cake, as they come in many different shapes and designs. Or, use fresh fruit sprinkled with sparkle dust for a stunning presentation.

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