Simplicity and Traditions in Cooking


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Cooking is a way of connecting with your family and having a shared experience with them. In order to maximize the amount of time those experience happen we strive to make cooking easy and fun. The simpler and more enjoyable the process the more times you can connect with your family. I ran across an interview with in with renowned Italian chef Walter Potenza that states these ideas very elegantly.

First, let’s look at the impact of simplicity on cooking. Chef Potenza states:

“I feel that a return to uncomplicated cooking is a must. Chefs have to return to the basics and lead their protégés through intensive programs of training. American Chefs have to learn the art of simplicity… My suggestion to students: search for your culture and identity. Study it well, study it forever and put it on the plate. ”

Chef Potenza also makes the argument cooking is a way to share an experience with your family. He even goes further by saying cooking connects generations. His take on tradition exemplifies this:

“I personally enjoy a style of cuisine that reaches for the past. Trends come and go but traditions will be here forever. I made a step forward in cooking by going back in time, and to me it means very much. . . I have always believed that traditions are like umbilical cords. They will always take you back to your grand mothers no matter how many times your roads in life may change. ”

Finally, I always like to stress cooking must be fun so you are compelled to do it often. When asked what he most enjoyed about cooking Chef Potenza replied:

"Pleasing the guests. It is the best reward to be able to cook and please everyone's palate and create experiences for guests to treasure forever. "

This master of the kitchen agrees with me that cooking should be easy and fun. This in turn will help families and generations come closer together. I believe this will help everyone live a richer more rewarding life. So join me in this adventure and experience how simple and fun great cooking can be for you.

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