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The Latest Catering Craze in Vogue - 'Interactive Dining'

David O'brien

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Throw in a bit of theatrics into an evening filled with some fabulously crafted platter of food, enticing music and happy faces all around, and you have yourself a jolly good party. It's universal that nothing spins magic into an already fun evening like amazing, lip-smacking food. But, with the latest trend of interactive dining picking up phase, your evenings are going to be on a whole new level of fabulous!

In our ever-evolving world, today diners and food lovers want more, much more. It isn’t about eating good food along. A nice-looking plate of food isn't enough either. Folks today want a 360-degree experience. They want to know where is food is coming from, how it is prepared, who prepares it and how to personalize it. Modern age guests today want the whole process of wining and dining to be more than just a one-time eating event, instead, they want it to be ‘experience to remember'! They want to participate and be included in the who dining shenanigans. A lot more than just managing to grab that last piece of hors d’oeuvres from the passing tray, people want to actively engaged.

Gratifying this constant need to change, interactive dining ensures that patrons have a magnificent feasting fest, by adding the much-needed bits of theatrics, in the form of open kitchen, pop-up counters, live demonstrations, interactive food and many more. Not many opt for the run-of-the-mill sit-down dinners either, people want the luxury of being able to move around even during dining. So, if you want to up your catering game and are looking for options to pick from, look no further.

  • Let the patrons pick

Instead of decided the menu and making your guests eat what you have pre-planned, give them the option to pick and choose based on their craving and palate. For this, make sure you have an array counters, cuisines and customized dish options to pick from.

  • Have a live counter

There is something about watching your food getting made that is both enticing and extremely entertaining. The option to handpick, what goes into your dish and what stays out is definite winner. It can for anything, from a salad, a dessert, or even a chop suey counter.

  • Put on a show

Hire chefs and servers who can do a tad bit more than just cook good food. The recently popularity of Salt Bae, chef who sprinkled salt in a peculiar manner went massively viral is evident enough. Everyone like a little bit of drama. So, if you can get someone to either juggle, chop or shuffle while cooking, it will make for definite showstopper.

  • Meet-the-chef portion

Every once in a while, if the chef could find their way out the kitchen and into the crowd to interact with the crowd, it would make for an interesting conversation starter. Guests can be invited to watch the dish been cooked or even participate in the process. A definite winner!

  • Make-your-own counter

Set-up a counter with different condiments, ingredients, and options neatly laid out for your guests to pick and make on their own. Instead of the chef at the counter, let the guest mix and match their own platter, an expert can be present to recommend and explain different flavours and combinations.

  • Open kitchen

Main catering companies are choosing this option, so that guests can experience how and who cooks their food. Watching their food being assembled right in front of them is reassuring and simply fun to watch.

  • Roll the buffet

While sit-down dinners are way to formal, many might not like the traditional buffet style catering as well. You can merge the two concept by the means of rolling buffets. Here, different courses can you served on rolling table and can be passed to guest individually. Different tiers with different kinds of dishes will help them choose to pick the food they are in food for.

  • Labels and tags

If you have used an exotic ingredient, or if the dish is a custom-made order, or if is the chef's signature dish, or has a fresh produce from a particular farm, mention it in a tag and place it on the tray next to the food. Reading fun tidbits like these will come across as a thoughtful gesture.

Ghaf Kitchen are one of the elite caterers from Dubai . They are known for their fabulous catering services which include interactive dining , pop-up restaurant and a truly global array of menu packages to choose from.


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