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The Latest Party Craze - Finger Foods

David O'brien

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Finger food parties are fun and fabulous. They work well for any occasion, location and can be whipped up by almost anyone. So, if you have a fab party to host, read on, as we dish out fun facts and easy tips that will turn you into a Rockstar host!

Who doesn't like the good grub, a quick snack, a spill-proof munchie or bit-sized portion of yummy goodness! A. k. a ‘The Finger Food'? But, is that all there is to this new gastronomy craze? Well, not really! Apparently, the actual reason ‘Finger Food’ is called so, is because of the way it consumed - which is, with bare hands.

What's all the jazz about?

The concept of finger food has become wildly popular. It has found its place in menus of extravagant gatherings as well as easy-breezy house parties. This mostly entrée nibble, that is eaten by hand is now being included in the portions of the main course as well. The reason is, it can be consumed in a single bite and not messy to measure. Finger food menu for your party can include anything from meat cuts layered with cheese, mini burgers, prawn aioli, wontons, bite-sized crab cakes to falafel with hummus, pita bites, crostini, and more, much more. That's another reason why food lovers like finger food, - your options are endless.

The fab factor

So, apart the being convenient and bite-sized what makes finger foods fabulous and an instant hit? Let's list it out:

  1. Mess-free and neat
  2. Inviting, interesting and appetising to look at
  3. Countless options to innovate
  4. Can be served alongside other kinds
  5. Easy to plate and serve
  6. Easy ingredients and recipe
  7. Less time-consuming to cook and plate
  8. No need for fancy cutlery and crockery
  9. Cost-effective
  10. Can be healthy yet tasty
  11. Doesn't have to be part of a serious sit-down meal set-up
  12. Leads to less wastage as portions are minimal

How to make it work!

The ideal way to dish out an array of great-looking and tasting finger food is by hiring a fine finger food catering service. But, if you plan to go solo on this one, then there are few things you might want to consider and implement. While the idea of finger food sounds easy, there is a certain art in plating, complementing and putting it together. Once you get the intricacies, it will make for a great conversation starter and your party staple. The knack of making finger food a big hit at your party lie in attention to details and few other aspects as explained in the listicle below:

  • Plan in advance: keep your menu ready. Finish all the grocery shopping and take out the requiring crockery and party supplies well in advance. You wouldn't want to be locked in the kitchen, while the party is going on. So, finish making and plating durable finger food, the kind that wouldn't go soggy or damp couple of hours before the party.
  • Dress it up: select nice looking and decently sized platters and tray. You might want to refrain from using heavy prints, as they might clash with the aesthetics. And, from small plates, unless you want to keep replenishing through the evening. With, finger foods, it is all about the presentation, so make an effort to arrange your munchies accordingly.
  • Buffet or ala carte: Decide if you want to lay out your preparations on the table so that guests can come and pick their pieces. Or you can choose to pass the plates around in the group too. This primarily depends on the size of the gathering.
  • Pick the right size: depending on what time of the day your party is, and the number of guests, decide the number of portions you need to prepare. You can also determine the number of kinds of dishes you'd want to serve.
  • Lay out an assortment: Not just the number of portions, but also the various types of finger food that you put out matters. Make sure you have at least four to five different types of finger food for a gathering of 50 people and more. Also, play with the textures. Add different kinds of dips and sauces into the mixtures. Make sure you have at least one dip to go with your bites and hors d'oeuvres.
  • End on a sweet note: serve bite-sized desserts for a complete culinary experience. You can pick between mini muffins, blondies, cookies, and even scones and macaroons. Just pile them on a platter and place it on the table for an easy grab.

With these tips and tricks in mind, you can now hoist your very own finger food party. So, get, set and LADLE UP!

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