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Spicy and Delicious Clean Eating Chicken Recipes You Must Try

Bruce Markey

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It’s been more than a decade since clean eating started receiving wider reception and whole hearted acceptance among health conscious people. Recommended by doctors, health instructors and food experts; clean eating essentially means putting a break to all the processed, refined and packaged food that we are so indulged with and turn our face towards natural, organic and whole food articles that are close to their most original state. Although they come with many alluring taglines and heartwarming commercials that promote ‘nutritional value’ and human well-being, the processed and refined food we eat or simply factory made and lack most of the nutrients that we need to stay fit and healthy. Generously filled with preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors, these packaged goods use those vegetables and fruits that are grown using harmful fertilizers and pesticides. To conclude, not only they lack nutritional value, but also promote undesirable health conditions like obesity, fatigue, heart diseases, depression and much more. Clean eating aims at avoiding these factory made food items and promotes using natural and organic raw materials to cook our own food and follow a simple dietary protocol to maintain health and fitness. It ensures that the food we consume contains a balanced proportion of nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates and fats to cater the needs and requirements of our body.

A lot of people are intrigued and get a little confused when told that chicken recipes can be an excellent addition to clean eating practices. One of the most popular misconceptions regarding clean eating is that it is all about eating raw fruits and vegetables all the time with no meat, no spices and of course no taste to add to. Well, that is not true. The clean eating chicken recipes mentioned in this article will prove that clean eating is all about eating healthy, natural food with no or only little sacrifices. Chicken is an excellent source of a wide variety of nutrients in our body, especially lean, low-fat protein. It acts as a natural anti-depressant and controls heart conditions. It is a great source of essential minerals like phosphorous, which supports healthy teeth and bones, and selenium that increases the rate of metabolism. Chicken is a great source of essential vitamins our bodies need and also promotes the health of our eyes and tissue growth.

So here are two easy to make, healthy clean eating chicken recipes that will spice up your plate and indulge your taste buds!

1. Barbecued Chicken Skewers

This clean eating chicken recipe is a great choice for family dinners and cook out. The chicken tastes excellent with homemade barbecue sauce that is easy to make and the bamboo skewers used to grill the chicken adds a special essence and taste to this grilling classic. While boneless, skinless chicken breasts and avocado oil are the main ingredients for the grill; tamari, Sriracha, smoked paprika, honey and organic ketchup are the main ingredients of the barbecue sauce that keep the overall dish a clean eating favorite. Add suitable, but a balanced amount of salt, lemon, pepper, garlic and other spices to suit your taste preferences.

2. Asian Flavors Chicken Burgers

This clean eating chicken recipe makes an ideal choice for a great lunch or a quick dinner. It is rich in protein and wrapping it with lettuce to serve also makes the dish a low carb delicacy. The patties needed for the burgers can be made in advance, individually wrapped and can be frozen up to a month. Simply defrost the patty while making the burger and add pickled ginger and Sriracha for garnishing and to add a tangy flavor. Organic ground chicken, sesame oil, organic tamari, cilantro leaves, sriracha, pickled ginger and bibb or romaine lettuce leaves are the main ingredients of this delicious clean eating chicken recipe.

Eating Enchanted offers a variety of clean eating chicken recipes ( ), gluten and dairy free, vegan recipes including soups, salads and much more for family dinners, snacks or meal to maintain a sustainable and balanced healthy lifestyle. For more about clean eating, visit .

clean eating chicken recipes

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