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Prioritizing Your Food Storage for Your Family

Cade Lennox

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Far too few people actually have adequate food storage, so for many people, prioritizing your food storage changes from managing your existing food storage into creating your food storage in the first place. There are many reasons why you might not have your food storage as developed as it should be.

There are many families that are just starting out. It may be that these families thing that they have not been in the game long enough to be required to have adequate food storage.

Such families might not have had time to build up an entire year’s worth of food storage but they could still follow the spirit of food storage which dictates the building up of food storage a little bit at a time. For a young family it is suggested that a few food items be purchased a week which can be used for long term food storage as well as for rotating through regular food preparations.

On other reason that you might be hesitant to create your own food storage is because you erroneously think that your family members, perhaps your children or your parents, depending on your age and family situation, will be able to provide you with food when disaster strikes. This thought pattern is in contrast to the fundamental principal of preparedness itself.

Thinking that your family members will be able to supply you with food when the time for preparedness is over is a fatal loop that will not help anybody. To understand why this is a fatal though pattern you might consider two extreme hypothetical situations.

In the first hypothetical situation, where this fallacious thought pattern is used, you should understand that if everybody alive had this same mindset then absolutely everybody would be counting on the preparedness as well as the generosity of your friends and your family members to help you survive. The problem with this is that in this extreme hypothetical situation you will be relying on people that will also be relying on you while behind all of this neither group would have any food storage at all.

In the other extreme hypothetical situation, you would be preparing for a disaster situation while under the assumption that your family member would be relying on you to supply them with food. In such a situation, you would be prepared to supply your family with food as well as providing food to others who were in need.

If everybody were under this mind set the result would be a plenty of food storage items in the case of an emergency. Both of these situations are extreme hypotheticals but you should strive to be closer to the later.


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