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Six Reasons Why You May Not Want a Low Fat Air Fryer

Carrie Westengate

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If you've been contemplating buying a low fat air fryer but you are still sitting on the fence, perhaps this will help. It's well known that when undecided about something it is a good idea to think about the negatives. Doing this will allow you to get off the fence and either do something about it or forget it entirely. Getting electrical goods is no different, so here are some of the negative points that individuals have come up with in opposition to getting air fryers along with some possible answers to your questions.

1. Container isn’t large enough for their family
2. What you might cook in a low fat air fryer you can also cook on the stove or in the oven
3. Do not have sufficient space for yet another gadget.
4. Too expensive and it's a lot of money just to cook chips!
5. Can not be bothered to sort out the way you use one
6. They break!

All the above factors for not having a low fat air fryer are valid ones, let's look at each of them in turn.

Container size: Most people buy these fryers to make low fat chips or fries and you will get one kilo of potato chips in the Tefal, so you can get away with enough for two adults and two youngsters. If you have a larger family, Tefal do a larger machine.

Cooking food on the stove: Clearly one can prepare similar foods in the oven or on the stove. Then again, we could boil a pan of water for making coffee, but the majority of people own an electric kettle! Having said that, taking a look at our example of chips. To make a low fat edible variation there's much messing around, par-boiling potatoes and shaking them up in the pan before you spray these with oil and put inside the oven for 30 minutes, turning half-way through. Using the air fryers, you simply chip your potatoes, add up to a tablespoon of cooking oil and turn on. Some models require a shake half way through, but that's it.

Space: OK, the ‘small’ appliances are rather large. The Philips has a much smaller footprint compared to Tefal Actifry but it is taller so you might likewise have a problem getting it inside a cabinet! Indeed, if space is limited consider carefully before buying an air fryer as well as any possible storage issues.

Too expensive only for chips: It is a myth that you could only prepare chips inside a low fat air fryer although that’s what most people purchase them for. What else you can do depends on the actual model, but this might consist of stir fries, roast potatoes, meats, curries, reheating of part-baked bread, muffins, stuffed peppers and much more. Certainly, air fryers aren't inexpensive but there will always be bargains to be found.

Instructions: As for stressing how to use the fryer, they are easier to use than the usual traditional oil fryer. Generally, fill it up, switch it on and set the timer. When you have finished, pop the parts in the dishwasher and that's it. There are many videos on the web to show you the simplicity of these fryers so don't be concerned.

They bust: There tend to be quite a few reviews around that would suggest the parts break quickly on one particular model. However, please remember that most of these are based on the original version of the Tefal that is no longer available. The Philips Air Fryer is basically too new a machine to have had many bad reports which is why you won’t see them. Always remember though, that you do have a one year warranty to fall back on irrespective of your customer rights.

Hope the above can help you make your decision if you should buy an air fryer or not. For more information, comparisons plus some air fryer recipes to try, visit .


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Philips Air Fryer Review - Does It Cook Chips Like The Deep Fried Ones?
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