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Barbecue Problems


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Barbeque issues - and how to solve them 5 Cooking in the open air - enjoyable, easy and trouble-free - or is it? Well, yes, most of the time it is, but occasionally barbecue chefs do encounter some problems. However never fear, we’re here to sort them out. Hot spots Hot spots occur on both gas and charcoal bbqs. With a charcoal fire, you can distributed the hot coals to try to even out the heat, but if it remains an issue, you’ll either have to get rid of from the grill until the fire has died down, or just move food around the grill, determining cooler locations if your food is in danger of getting burnt on the outside instead of cooking equally all the way through.

In the event that you’re new togas barbecuing and have a brand new gas bbq, you may find that you burn food since the gas Barbie is very efficient and sometimes cooks a bit too well particularly if you’re not used to it. Over time you may also find that your gas grill develops hot spots, leading to an uneven cooking area. Just as with the charcoal grill, you will need to shift food within the grill, placing it cooler spots if it is vulnerable to overcooking or cooking too fast.

A gas grill that doesn’t light First, make sure you have got gas in your container! Seems obvious we all know, however it’s the first thing to verify. If you know you have lots of gas, check that the igniter is emitting sparks. If it isn’t, make certain there is nothing clogging the burners. If you cannot see any issues you will need to get a maintenance individual to check the cabling for you. Always exercise extreme caution when checking your gas grill and as with anything involving gas or electricity, if you are unclear it is best to contact a specialist. Rusty grills Whether you use a charcoal grilling or gas barbecue keeping it well taken care of will lengthen its operating life and make life easier for you.

It’s disheartening to go out into the garden following work only to find that the bbq requires a comprehensive clean before you can start cooking. Get into the habit of cleaning and drying all necessary components when the barbecue has cooled down and you’ll always be ready to turn on the Charcoal Barbeque in a moment’s notice. A Charcoal Barbeque cover may protect it from the elements too, unless you use a shed, garage or outhouse in which to store your barbeque grill.

Raw gas odours You have a leak somewhere! Switch off the barbecue immediately and get in touch with a specialist. Disintegrating hamburgers Do your burgers fall apart on the grill? In the event that you’ve made your own burgers (and they generally result in the greatest result unless you’ve splashed out on great burgers from the butchers or a farmers’ market), its worth looking at what sort of meat you’ve used. Should you use top-quality, costly mince, you might be missing out on fat content.

The fat helps to bind the burgers togethe, so the next time use a less expensive mince that has a higher fat content. Frozen mince also tends to break down faster, so make use of fresh mince, and try to discover mince that has not been ground too finely. If you want to continually be prepared for an al fresco meal, use fresh mince to make your own burgers and once they have been prepared, then freeze them.

Some individuals use an egg for binding the burger elements together, so it could be worth trying when mixing your burgers - and steer clear of adding large chunks of onion or pepper, as these can cause the entire patty to split when cooking. Instead, chop vegetables finely - a food processor does a great job of this if you have one. Also remember to put your burgers in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to help set them in their burger shape before cooking. During cooking, do not move or flip burgers too often, as this will also cause them to break apart, If your fire is and not too hot, this won’t be required Food sticking to the grill First, use the best-quality grill you are able to, because cheap grills often encourage sticking. Also, make sure to oil your grill - a cooking spray makes it simple (but make sure you spray before you turn on the Charcoal Barbeque). Furthermore avoid moving your food too much, and don’t try to press it down onto the grill with your spatula. on the outside, raw in the middle This is a catastrophe for bbq cooks - and a formula for food poisoning. Never serve food that is not completely cooked all the way through. The trick is to get your Charcoal Barbecue to an even temperature. In the event that you’re cooking with charcoal, allow enough time for the coals to turn white - this will give you the most even temperature. Transfer food to outside edges of the fire if it seems to be cooking too fast - or raise the grill up higher so that it is further away from the fire.


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