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A Little About Indian Food Cooking


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Indian cuisine is considered as one of the most exotic yet tasteful cuisines in the whole world. If you are up for something different, then Indian foods are a must-try. The flavors are so rich and the spices are so intense. No wonder why all kinds of people, whether you are brought up in a Western or Eastern culture, are so into Indian cuisines.

Unfortunately, instead of making their own Indian food recipes at home, they would rather order it in some restaurant serving Indian cuisine. Why? More often than not, they usually thought that in order to create the best tasting Indian cooking recipes, one must have all the local spices from India. Aside from that, many people also thought that in order to unleash the real Indian flavor and aroma of the food, it would take them so many hours to prepare for the ingredients which can be quite a tough work.

But the truth of the matter is, Indian cooking is as easy as your cooking your favorite Italian recipes. You do not have to be an expert in the kitchen or hardcore Indian food enthusiast. The ingredients as well as the spices that you will need in order to create the delectable Indian recipes are actually within your reach. You can always find an alternative to the exotic Indian zest while you get the same oomph at the same time.

To create the Indian food recipes right in your home, make sure that you have the basic ingredients that are essential in Indian cooking. One of the main basic ingredients in an Indian cuisine is the red onion. Make sure that you always have an onion in your kitchen that would add that zest in your Indian recipes. Aside from that, you must also include the three important G's when cooking Indian foods. This includes the Ginger, the Garlic, and the Green chillies. You may also include coriander leaves, popularly known as the cilantro leaves. These are the basic ingredients that allow you to start your way having your own Indian cuisine.

But of course, the stronger the spices are, the more Indian your cuisine will be. To easily get that Indian zest, don't forget to include fresh red chilli as well as chilli powder. There are also those who use garam masala to create authentic Indian recipes as well. It is a combination of various spices such as cumin seeds, black pepper, coriander seeds, cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom.

You see, cooking Indian food is not that hard as long as you have the right spices, which can be easily availed in the market or can be planted in your backyard.

Munus Shankar is a chef and the author of Indian Food Recipes , an online Indian Recipes and Cooking Website offering plenty of free Indian recipes and cooking tips.


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