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3 Easy Tips to Pick the Greatest Grill Ever


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A lot of people buy bad-quality grills because they don't have the proper information. I have the 3 easiest tips to help you choose the perfect grill for you.

1. The size of your grill is actually a very important factor in the process of buying a grill. You want your grill to be able to feed a lot of people. An ideal surface area is about 24" x 60". The following list indicates routine food quantities and cooking times produced by a 10 square foot LP gas grill:

Food Quantity Cooking Time Temperature

-Steak 1’ thick 35 8 min. High
-1/2 Chickens 24 40 min. Medium
-Burgers, 1/4 lbs. 60 8 min. High
-Hot Dogs 150 5 min. Medium

It's also important to know that cooking times can be affected by the following factors:

- Temperature - Some items cook better at lower temperatures.
- Cooking Level - Is the finished product rare, medium or well done?
- Preparation - Are there marinades and rubs involved? Is the food raw to start? In the interest of time, many barbecuers pre-cook ribs and chicken and simply finish them on the grill.
- Size - Extra size or thickness does play a part.
- Quality of Product - Is the meat lean, fatty or marbled?

When you are buying a grill you also want to find out what size the grill is, if it is steel that does not mean that bigger is better. Even though size does mean stronger and more durable you are going to want a smaller gauge, that's what really makes the grill stronger.

2. Also when looking to buy a new grill you should not look at how hot it can get, but how evenly distributed the grill is. If you have a grill that can go up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit then that is a waste of your money. When buying a grill you should look for these three things:

-Individual burners with adjustable heat, this can be helpful because it will allow you to change the temperature in different parts of the grill.
-Lava rock is a good source of heat, if arranged properly and not unevenly and with the right amount of lava rocks then you are going to be getting some perfectly grilled foods with a nice smoky taste.
-A hood is recommended because it will keep the heat from escaping, if you don't have a hood on your grill you are wasting a lot of extra fuel because you are letting the heat out without the hood so it will just be a smart thing to do if you were to buy a hooded grill.

3. It is a big plus if you have a portable or tow able grill because if you have a big job that you have to do that isn't at your house or wherever you planted you grill, then you have to be able to move it. This isn't that big of a deal if you are just thinking about having little barbecues at your house or you are just going to grill up some dinner for your family, this only applies if you feel that you might have a job that needs a large grill that is somewhere, not where your grill is.

BONUS TIP-Always buy certified grills, even if you think that grills that are not certified are safe, think again, there is a reason it wasn't certified.

Everybody needs a working grill at there home or place of work or wherever and this was just an easy guide to buying the perfect grill for you. You always just need to remember:

-The Size of The Grill Matters
-The Gauge Size Matters Not The Max Temp.
-Towable Grills Are Always The Best, Most Versatile Types of Grills, And
-Always Check That The Grill Has Been Certified.

I hope these tips on buy the perfect grill satisfied you. If you ever want more information on any/all types of grills just check out


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You Don't Need A Grill Cook Book, This Is How You Grill A Steak!
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