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Radishes in Your Cooking Add a Crisp Refreshing Treat


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Radishes are often used as a decorative ingredient rather than an ingredient in their own right. If you want to use radishes in your recipes, the first thing you should be aware of is that there are many types of radishes. There are daikon radishes, hydroponics radishes, the Spanish black radish and many more. Discovering how to plant radish crops and growing radishes is relatively easy but they are also abundant in the supermarket so you might want to buy some and experiment with those first.

The Cherry Bell is the most common type of radish found in the supermarket. This radish has a red skin and a white interior. It is tasty and flavorsome. Champions have a similar coloring but are milder in taste. Plum Purple radishes stay crisp for longer and are great served as part of a sandwich filling. The black radish, also called the Spanish black radish is dry, pungent, and white inside. It is larger than a regular radish and resembles a turnip. Spanish black radishes have been used since the time of the pharaohs.

Some people enjoy eating raw radishes and others like to use them in sandwiches or salads. If you are using a mild type of radish, you can slice it up and serve with mozzarella or cheddar and unsalted butter on slightly spicy bread to make a wonderfully flavorsome sandwich.

Due to their frequently small size, you will find that radishes tend to make better garnishes and side dishes than they do full dishes, but you will find there is no end to the places that you can add them. If want a little bit of zest and texture to your soup, sprinkle a few slices over clam chowder or a California Melody soup.  

Similarly, due to their high water content and crunch, you can add some chopped radishes to your stir-fry. If you are looking for a way to add radishes to a main course, brush radishes that have been cut in half in olive oil and bake for about 15 minutes; then use them to bring some color and spice to your chicken or roast beef.

Have a look in the international section of your supermarket too. You might find daikon radishes, which are large white tubers. These are also known as Japanese radishes and are a lot milder than their North American and European counterparts, although still as tasty.

One delicious Southeast Asian dish combines grated carrots and grated daikon with shredded chicken. These ingredients are tossed in a sugar and white vinegar dressing. You can also pickle whole daikon slices in a solution of vinegar, sugar, salt, and pepper. The longer you wait before eating this dish, the more highly flavored the daikon will be. You can leave the daikon marinating overnight or for longer for a richer flavor.

Cooking with radishes can be fun and even an international experience. There are many different dishes you can use radishes in, either as a garnish, a topping or a main ingredient. The next time you are looking for something a bit different, grab some radishes, see how they liven up your recipes, and add color and crunch.

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