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How to Cook With Kale An Insiders Look


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A lot of cooks see kale in the grocery store and leave it in favor of another vegetable because they do not know exactly what it is or how to best prepare and cook it. If you find out a little more about this leafy green, you will discover that it is both delicious and very versatile. You might like to try a kale soup recipe, a kale salad recipes or a kale stew first of all. Kale can be eaten raw or cooked.

Before the 1600s, kale was the most common green vegetable but it has been around since long before then. There is evidence of kale cultivation going right back to the fourth century BC in Greece. Kale was a popular addition to the British Victory Gardens of World War II and people are rediscovering the goodness and flavor of kale these days. There are a lot of new kale recipes and kale is cooked in recipes all over the globe.

Have you ever been away for a few days and returned home to find a pile of soggy, brown mush in your refrigerator, which were green vegetables a few days earlier? Kale freezes well so if you do not want to use it immediately you will not have this problem. It actually tastes sweeter after being exposed to a frost. If you are using fresh kale, especially the tender young shoots, you can add them to a salad. You might also like to add strong peppers, peanuts and roasted nuts to emphasize the strong, smoky flavor of the kale.

If you want to know how to cook kale, the good new is that cooking kale is easy. It is also optional because kale tastes great raw too. If you like cooked vegetables, you might like to try a southern African recipe in which the kale is boiled with ground peanuts and coconut milk and served on top of flatbread or rice. This is a very good way to enjoy a tasty vegetarian treat, which is both delicious and healthy.

By contrast, you will also find that in Europe, kale is often combined with sliced or ground up meat, especially heavily spiced sausage or ground beef. It is usually combined with potatoes, broth, and olive oil and served in such a way that will complement the meat; in this fashion, the meat does not completely obscure the taste of the greens, as it would with a milder vegetable. You will also find that kale can be quite tasty if it is chopped up and added to stir-fry, something that happens around the globe.

When you are looking to stir-fry kale, try adding Japanese shiitake mushrooms to the mix. Remove the kale's stems and slice the leaves into large chunks. Heat some oil in your frying pan or wok, and gently fry up the mushrooms, garlic, and anything else you think might be tasty. When these ingredients are relatively tender, add kale, and seasons like soy sauce, pepper, and sesame oil, and you will have a tasty dish in very short order.

Kale is very underrated but with a little effort, you can see how easily you can incorporate it into your diet. Why not buy some kale the next time you go shopping and try it out in recipes. You will definitely love its unique, rich flavor.

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