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Authentic Italian Cooking What is it and How To?

Gina Talarico

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One cannot help but think that much of what we eat or recipes that we see online are commercialized or have been tweaked to appeal to the masses and to the taste buds of the locals. True authentic Italian cooking or real Italian recipes are those that have been passed on from generation to generation. They use quality ingredients and the finished product typically cannot be purchased in grocery stores or even found in high end restaurants.

Authentic means believed, trustworthy and reliable or true to its type. The only place most of us know where we can get true authentic cooking is at home and from Mom or Mamma. Generally, the taste might be region specific or may be slightly different depending on what part of Italy your family was raised in but the food is very similar and made with quality ingredients coming right from the garden. Mamma makes a minestrone soup certain times of the year with ingredients picked right from the garden earlier or usually the same day. That is what I am talking about!

To capture that true authentic taste requires the same ingredients Grandma used to perfect the recipe so substitution of ingredients is usually not an option. Some Italian recipes require imported ingredients which may mean shopping at a specialty store that imports ingredients right from the homeland. If you want authentic, we encourage you to find or use the same ingredients your Mom used when she made those tasty Italian treats.

The challenge today's generation has is not just getting your hands on quality ingredients but documenting these Italian recipes that are locked up in the heads of Grandma and Grandpa. A pinch of this, a handful of that and many of the recipes are not measured in a fashion that we are accustomed to. The other challenge is today's generation is interested in convenience and we do not make the time to perfect the art of cooking these family recipes. Mamma Mia Recipes hopes to change that by encouraging this generation to develop the skill of authentic Italian cooking to ensure it survives the ages and that it is passed on to the next generation. Mangiare, eat and Let Mamma Feed You. . .

A little about Mamma Mia. . . she was born and raised near Rogliano, Italy which is in the province of Cosenza, region of Calabria in Southern Italy. Population of Rogliano today is approximately 5900 people.

She grew up on a farm and at an early age was taught how to cook and has continued in this field until this very day. She is the Mother of four boys and is married to Guilio.

Her authentic Italian recipes have been in la famiglia for generations and they are now a gift from her to all of you. Her website is Let Mamma Feed You.


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