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Romantic Dinner Recipes With Romantic Food


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Time ago, I edited and published the e-book of an author who brought up a meaningful issue. It is about romantic dinner recipes, but not only about romantic food. This writing is also about something worth becoming aware of. As a result of its value, I decided to write this article. Read it, then, you be the judge.

This author points out that women are inclined to bury their heads in the sand, and they fail at confronting reality head-on. One of those realities ~the author elaborates~ is that women are losing their men at an alarming rate. "They may not leave us" she writes, ". . . but slowly, gradually, and imperceptibly our companions in life are coming back to us after having an affair with another woman. Many of us will never get to know it. Some may suspect it. Few know it, but they do what we women are good at: to pretend".

In addition, she makes clear how well she observed guys. She concluded that men are creatures of nature. According to her observations, it is nature the one telling men to take all the women they can. Nature does it through instincts. It is not men's believes nor it is fathers or older brothers telling them. No, it is not. To have one woman is imposed socially and legally, but nature imposes otherwise using men's deeply embedded instincts.

She states that when adding to that cocktail those women that fervently wave the flag of "I am independent and liberated" ~and in the process they make themselves available to end up in bed with a guy they met with at the office or other places~ the risk to wives becomes very serious. She further states "Personally, I do not blame men going with the flow. It is an easy flow to go with, and it satisfies what nature tells them to do".

A thoughtful and grabbing analysis leads the reader to deduce why wives must fight back.

She strongly believes that there are splendid romantic dinner recipes and great romantic food that can be used to achieve that valid goal. She is a strong believer that cooking romantic dinner recipes using romantic food is the most efficient way to make stronger the bond with him. It has to be carefully planned, and one must use imagination; but cooking romantic dinner recipes creates events that get etched in a woman's heart and that of her man; she asserts.

Personally, I believe that she is right in every word of her e-book. She points it all out very well when she says that "There is no more efficient way to fuel your bond with him". Still, she does not stop there. This author is also a deep believer that each woman wise enough to do something about all of this can give herself a splendid chance when cooking romantic dinner recipes, and that chance is to transform her romantic food into a bomb shell of nutrients to nourish health and virility.

I will use the same words I used above, and they are "She makes clear how well she observed guys". She blew me away when she exposed what I well know few women are aware of, and what she exposed is that "Few things are more powerfully engaging to a man than coming to a woman who thought of transforming regular evenings into romantic events". She is a woman with wisdom in her words.

In her writing, it is easy to see that she first observed, studied, and analyzed. Then, she went a golden step forward to show her intellect and ~instead of blaming guys and pointing at them with an accusing finger for acting on their nature-given instincts~ she thought of romantic dinner recipes to keep men coming back to their women without first having affairs with other women.

This unique e-book is about cooking romantic dinner recipes, but it is also about telling women why to become thoroughly aware that a relationship must be nourished; and how to keep it alive beyond a Marriage License. You be the judge.

George Josseme is the Editor-in-Chief at Fountain of Wisdom .

This man edited and published the e-book “Cooking For Your Man". He saw first hand the work of an observing author who strongly believes that a relationship is more than a Marriage License.

The author also unveils how cooking romantic dinner recipes with romantic food must be used before another license becomes a worthless piece of paper.


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