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Who doesn't like having a cookie for a snack? Those wonderful round little treats take us back to our childhood where a cookie was the ultimate snack or dessert. If our mother let us have two in a row then we were in heaven on earth. Now that we're a little older, we still enjoy the taste of those darling cookies, but sometimes we desire to try new things or new ways of experiencing old favorites. I love to learn new ways to enjoy my cherished foods, and cookies definitely rank at the top of my food list. Here are some different ways you can enjoy some of your most popular cookies.

1. Make ice cream cookie sandwiches by softening your favorite ice cream and pressing once scoop of ice cream between 2 cookies. Chocolate chip cookies work great for this with vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Refreeze for at least 2 hours before serving.

2. Add cookie crumbles to the top of your ice cream or yogurt. You can even add the crumbles at the end of the churning cycle for homemade ice cream.

3. Add cookie crumbles to your homemade milkshakes or protein shakes for a yummy touch.

4. Try substituting dried cherries or dried cranberries for raisins in cookie recipes such as oatmeal raisin cookies.

5. Spread peanut butter over our cookies and top with nuts and dried fruits. This works really well with sugar cookies and shortbread cookies.

6. Add 1/3 cup of sunflower seeds or mixed nuts to your cookie recipe. You will be adding extra fiber and folic acid to your treats as well as a fun new flavor.

7. Make cookie s'mores instead of traditional s'mores for your campsite treat. Use a shortbread cookie, sugar cookie, or gingerbread cookie instead of a graham cracker when you make s'mores by the campfire.

8. Instead making regular round cookies, make cookies of different shapes. Follow the directions for making bar cookies, and instead of cutting the cookies into bars, use cookie cutters to make different shapes. The left over pieces can be used in ice cream, yogurt, or milkshakes as suggested above.

9. Use you favorite cookie as a pie crust. Substitute crushed cookies mixed with a little melted butter for the usual pastry pie crust and you might just be surprised to find that you have a new favorite dessert.

10. Share your cookies with someone new. Maybe you have a new neighbor or an old one that you haven't talked with in a while. Whatever the case may be, enjoying a batch of homemade cookies with a new or old friend could be the best new way to enjoy your favorite cookie.

For wonderful cookie recipes you can use with the above tips, please refer to Popular Cookie Recipes .


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