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Taste the World of Coffee in Your Kitchen


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Cupping does not only exist for professionals. The art should be enjoyed by everyone and anyone who loves coffee. Enjoying coffee is a social affair and why not have an adventure at the same time. The cupper must taste and smell the coffee. The aroma, body, finish, acidity, and flavor all play key roles in the elegance and enjoyment of a coffee. Simple arrangements can be made at home to enjoy tasting with friends without needing to be masterly.

There should be a large quantity of freshly filtered water alongside the best quality grounds. Stale coffee should be occur because of poor water supply. Minerals such as sulfur can taint the water and wreck the coffee. Softened water should be avoided because of its levels of sodium. Then it is a great idea to have a plethora or small glasses available for the tasting experience. Some spoons and scoops are helpful as well.

The water should be boiled and the burr grinder ready to go. The grounds can be done at different settings to test out which works best for each coffee. The coffee grind can make a big difference in taste.

The coffee should be prepared in small samples and allowed to steep for a few minutes. The coffee should then be filtered and allowed to settle before spooned out. Then the aroma should be taken in. Then the coffee should be tasted. This is done properly by running the fluid over the entirety of the tongue and then holding it there for some seconds before spitting it out.

The profile of the coffee is what is to be determined. This includes such attributes as woody or winey, floral or peppery? It could also include full or thin body or is it acidic or not. The wide variety of locations and growing conditions are what make coffee so diverse. This is why coffee from all over the world should be used during tasting experiences. Different countries not only offer different blends and tastes, but different roasts and styles as well. It is up to each person to change the grind and adjust making the coffee to suit their brewers.

The typical recipe is about two tablespoons of coffee for about every cup of water. Although again, this is preference and can be adjusted. The water should always remain about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Although this does too change depending on recipes.

Some of the specific characteristics to be cautious of when tasting are listed here. Acidity which is known and discovered as the tingle that can be felt on the sides of the tongue. The aroma which is known as the vapors that comes off the coffee. Then there is the bitterness, which is typically from the caffeine, but can also be a sign of less quality beans. The body is how thick or light the coffee feels in the mouth. Nuttiness is most often a sign that the coffee is lower quality, but this is not always. Then there is the sharpness, this is from the acid and the salt. It is typical of Robusta coffee. Tasting is an adventure, why don't you go on one today.

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