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Types of Coffee Makers


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Mankind (and womankind) has been drinking coffee for thousands of years. There are several stories about how the coffee bean was discovered and by whom, but it doesn't really matter much. Today coffee is brewed and severed in countries around the world.

Coffee is named many times for the region in which the beans are grown; Blue Jamaican Coffee, for example. Sometimes, though, named name is for the country or area that brews it; Turkish, Italian, etc. Coffees are varied, and so are the methods used for brewing it.

Turkish Briki: That is used in the Briki is powdered. It takes between 7 and 11 minutes to make a one cup using the Briki. Briki is very strong but clear.

Espresso Machine: Very fine coffee grounds are used in an espresso machine. It takes between 12 and 17 minutes to make 5 cups (4 oz) using an espresso machine. The coffee is very strong and muddy.

French Press Plunger: This coffee pot does not use any paper or cloth filter so there will be grinds and a white powder in the finished. It takes between 5 and 8 minutes to brew 4 cups of coffee. Either regular or coarse ground coffee is used in a French press plunger.

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker: The coffee that is made in an automatic drip maker is not as hot. It is clear, though. Fine ground coffee is most often used in automatic drip makers. It takes between 6 and 10 minutes to make 6 cups using an automatic drip maker.

Percolator: An electric percolator uses regular grind coffee. It takes between 13 and 18 minutes to brew 6 cups. The coffee made in an electric percolator is hot, clear, and has a lot of taste.

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